February 18, 2010

I’m Back

Posted in life tagged , at 7:49 pm by riulyn

Hello everyone! I am starting this blog somewhat on a whim, but I also used to rant about my life on the “About Me” section and it’s better that it’s not there anymore. I’m one of those people who like to blog on and off, just like I do a lot of other things. There was a time, from about early 2006 to late 2009, when I wasn’t doing anything related to videogame sheet music. I wasn’t even playing many videogames either. I was just swept up in the whole college (undergraduate) experience. I certainly had time to write sheet music, but I was spending my time in other ways. I suddenly developed a great interest in watching soccer and volleyball, regained my love of track and field, and found that I could watch a lot of tennis on TV. First living with a roommate and then spending more time than usual hanging out with other people just took up time I used to spend working on sheet music.

I don’t regret it at all. I’ve always been an introvert and a big loner, though not always because I didn’t like to interact with people. You can see here just how much I like to ramble 🙂 Anyway, I finally experienced what it was like to have people seek you out to hang out with them on a regular basis. Now that I live on my own and far from most people I know, I’ve regressed somewhat to my old solitary ways, but I’ve maintained my love of sports. Currently I’ve been watching a lot of the Winter Olympics 🙂 I think it’s better this way. I’m never going to recover the time dedication I had when I was in high school, where the bulk of the sheet music is from (2002-2005) but I think I’m going to keep contributing in small ways and I won’t burn out. After all, I’m old enough to understand that I’m not arranging songs for other people to like me, but for my own joy of creating something. I have graduate school right now that supposed to lead me towards an actual career and actual money, while arranging sheet music is unpaid. Which is fine for me since I don’t rate my skills very highly…

When I decided to start arranging music again, I was surprised to see, after a four year hiatus, that there hasn’t really been too many other people picking up the slack. Then again, I always had some fondness for some of the rarer RPGs (aka Lufia or Suikoden games) which tend to get little love from the other RPG music arrangers. I started to arrange music for games I didn’t play yet late in high school so I’m not going to stop now, but it’s easier for me to be inspired to write for a game I’ve actually played, since there are actual memories of the song and how it fits in the game. In reality, there’s a lot more games than I can ever play, and a lot of good RPG music that I won’t ever arrange, but something is better than nothing. And really, I’m doing all of this for fun, so if people like my stuff or hate my stuff, it really doesn’t matter.

Anyway I guess I want this blog to be somewhat of an online diary, online rant area, and online discussion place for things related to life, videogames, and videogame music. I’m not sure what actually is going to happen here. I have a lot of interests but I won’t blog all about them here because I rather not have it be all over the place (though my writing within the posts is like that) and I would like somewhat of a music focus because this is intended to be an extension of my website, in some ways.

Well, nice to be back. I wonder when I’ll update next.