March 7, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

Posted in music, video games tagged , , , at 6:16 pm by riulyn

So I guess I have to admit being a fan of the Final Fantasy series though it’s not my favorite series. The stuff is decent. There are always nice graphics if not outstanding graphics, good or great music to accompany it, and something interesting in the story. They always make it memorable in some way or another for me, whether it is the WTF last boss, the really annoying side character, the huge gaping plot hole, or… Sorry, sometimes I’m bitter that the Final Fantasy series has so many fans when RPG series that I love more are failing and dying out (aka Suikoden, Xenosaga). Anyway, Final Fantasy XIII looks like it has a lot of potential. Every new Final Fantasy has the potential of becoming the best one, but before I play FFXIII I need to finish Final Fantasy XII. Yes, I’m that far behind. And then I might think about arranging some of its music.



  1. SunRisingSoul said,

    I totally agree with you on this.

    So many other series deserved high praise, and just were different in so many levels. This is especially true of Suikoden.

    Here is to hoping Final Fantasy XIII is memorable and has a good following. I have only done about two hours into the game…. Suikoden 2 just grabs my attention more, and since I just recently bought it, expensive yeah, I am playing it for the first time. Suikoden 2 has a higher priority than FFXIII, so I will get around to FFXIII at some point. Resonance of Fate also comes out… and it looks both interesting, and boring? Maybe that is just me, but it looks like a farm and grind fest from the videos I have seen. It looks like it wants to be awesome, but… I will have to play it to find out.

    Take care


    I appologize for hte random comment, I came accross your post, and thought it was interesting. Just barely getting back into blogging myself, so yeah.

    • riulyn said,

      Nothing wrong with the random comment. You aren’t spam or attacking my character, so it’s all good.

      So far my brother is enjoying FFXIII. I hope that means I’ll enjoy it too. I haven’t looked into Resonance of Fate yet, but I haven’t really felt the rush to play any of the more recent games. It feels like the graphics are all that many of the RPGs are about. Sometimes there might be an improvement in gameplay as well (or more fun button mashing as in the Tales series, which is also popular but I also enjoy it for the sake of button mashing), and, since I care about RPG music as well, the music composition level seems about the same as before. Otherwise, if I wanted to play a game just for its graphics, I’d rather just pick a fighting game or something.

      Suikoden 2 is my favorite of the Suikoden series, so I hope you like it. It’s the game I’ve replayed the most besides Legend of Mana (which doesn’t exactly count since I would play that game with my siblings on family road trips), so though the game is short, I feel like it is worth it.

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