April 14, 2010

Final Fantasy XII – Finally Done

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So I beat FFXII last Sunday. The game’s a bit easy at the end if you set your gambits to auto-fight the boss and I ended up folding my laundry as my characters pummeled the boss. Not to brag, but I was at level 60 or so when I finally put the game to rest. I was probably a bit over-leveled, but I was doing a lot of the hunts and the hunts can definitely be harder than the final boss. I didn’t finish all the hunts because I wanted to be done with it, though the hunts were my favorite part of that game.

Overall I was disappointed by the game. I thought the story aspect was weak, especially with Ashe completely annoying me for some reason and Vaan not much better at first. The pacing was weird and I really felt like all I did was travel across the world or scale a massive tower just because every dungeon needed to be longer. I did find Balthier to be amusing and one of my favorite FF characters ever, but I would take Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vesperia or Jade from Tales of the Abyss over him any day, though if I were to compare physical attributes… Anyway, I feel like I can move onto FFXIII but that won’t happen for a while. When I finally get this grad school sorted out I will probably play some Star Ocean IV. Beyond the obvious fail at physics may be a fun game to play. We’ll see.

I figured I’d throw in a note about FFXII’s music since I do have an opinion about it. Frankly, it was boring. I guess Hitoshi Sakimoto just didn’t do the job for me. I have the soundtrack on my computer and I seriously have no desire to pick through it and see if there are any songs I want to arrange. Sakimoto also did FF Tactics, if I remember correctly, and I don’t think that soundtrack was much better. Orchestration of FFXII’s soundtrack was nice, but I think most of those MMORPGs that my brother likes to play have better music, and considering the battle style in FFXII, I sort of think of it as MMORPG-like even though it isn’t. Though I guess one of those MMORPGs that my brother played was FFXI and that had a bit of Nobuo Uematsu… FFXI’s music is catchy. Maybe I’ll do more of that someday.