December 15, 2010

Who’s a new Ph.D. Candidate?

Posted in life, video games tagged , , at 10:51 pm by riulyn

Yep, that’s me. Too bad it isn’t in music theory or composition or in playing videogames (wouldn’t that be awesome). I now have a bit of sanity left.

I started playing Radiata Stories today and the music seems pretty boring so far. The game feels like a parody and I kind of want to murder the stupid characters and I thought Ridley was promising but she’s starting to annoy me too… I also really suck at parrying; I haven’t figured out the timing.

But yes, music will be transcribed. I used to use Finale but I might switch to this other program that looks promising… Either way, I plan to have some stuff up around Christmas. Late December is a good time for me in terms of music transcription.


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