April 27, 2011

Suikoden 2 – I Cannot Quit You

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Recently I bought the Suikoden 2 soundtrack as I am slowly collecting legitimate soundtracks on my computer (instead of finding mp3s, listening to them as I do requests, and deleting them). Listening to the soundtrack, I realize how many songs I remember so well. There is such a Suikoden flair to it but it is more distinctive than the later games. I played Suikoden IV twice and I don’t think I could pick out any of the songs. I also got the Suikoden V soundtrack a few months ago and I am slowly beginning to connect songs with the game. Speaking of Suikoden V, a replay is going to happen at some point…

Anyway, I have not only been listening to the music, but I have been humming and whistling the tunes as I walk down the street, though not too loudly since I am not really an exhibitionist. Just thinking of the songs makes me want to transcribe them, which isn’t ideal since my request list is growing longer and longer. The Italian lyrics remind me that I want to learn Italian at some point. I think I might go look up the lyrics so I can sing along to “La Mia Tristeza” and the like 🙂

I think Suikoden 2 is the one traditional RPG that I could play over and over again. I lost my old Suikoden 1 save state so I’m trying to replay that game because having Tir McDohl in Suikoden 2 is absolutely necessary in my mind, but Suikoden 1 just isn’t as inspiring. Maybe because it doesn’t start off with dramatic cliff jumping and Viktor and Flik aren’t as cool yet. I also have an XBOX 360 and Star Ocean 4 to play, which has been slow going because something seems kind of awkward about it. Maybe the dialogue or how it is said?

My life should settle down a bit and I’m going to be cutting back on some other things to get back to transcribing music. I set goals for 2011 and I still think I can make some of them. Even though I have failed at other parts of my life, I am usually an optimist. So I’ll stop typing here and start typing up some music.



  1. Tara said,

    Suikoden II is the best game in the series, I think. It had the best characters, plot, and music. 😀 Though I think I think Suikoden I’s music was slightly more memorable.

    Ah, I’ve bought Suikoden I as a PSOne Classic. I wish Konami would release Suikoden II as a PSOne Classic, too!

    • riulyn said,

      Suikoden 2 expands upon the themes (in both characters, plot, music, though I am focusing here on music) presented in Suikoden 1 and then adds some of my favorite Suikoden tracks like “La Mia Tristezza” and “Two Rivers”. Suikoden 2 and 1 are pretty similar since Miki Hagashino composed mainly for both of them, while the next few games were done by other people I forget at the moment.

      They really need to release Suikoden II again. Maybe on PSN. I know there are a ton of people who would buy it. So many people are playing it illegally and I think even they would not mind spending 5, 10, or even 50 US to get it, since all the used copies are like 100+.

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