August 4, 2011

A Bit More Creativity Needed Here

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So the vacation to China was overall a good thing despite some bad luck with planes (at least no canceled flights, but lots of delays). It’s kind of interesting to go on a vacation without most of the things that tie you down to your everyday life. I didn’t have my laptop and my music files, my videogames or free access to the Internet, etc. I always feel like vacations like these always reset my mind, in some way.

Upon returning to my rather uneventful life, I wandered over to OCRemix and since I’m such a big Suikoden series fan to see if any new Suikoden remixes had been posted there since I last checked. Unfortunately there hasn’t been anything. I know the site is very selective and such, but when a cult game like Xenogears is continuing to get stuff (then again, the music for that game is a lot better for the casual fan than Suikoden stuff), I was just a bit sad. And now with the recent news that the Suikoden team has indeed been disbanded and 5 years since the last main storyline game, the series is pretty much dead.

Anyway, since I’ve had Suikoden music and randomly Cosmo Canyon from FFVII stuck in my head, particularly “An Old Irish Song” from Suikoden I which I have already made a simple arrangement of, I have been trying to create a fancier, awesomer arrangement of that song. I really am not a good composer myself and really should brush up on music theory, etc., before I get something to type up. And I really should stick to what I do best, which is transcribing stuff. My ability to identify pitches is probably my only actual musical skill, especially since I’ve started making arrangements that I can’t even play myself…

So yeah, in summary, I want to do more with my arrangements but I probably won’t. I’m also in a Suikoden mood so when I get back to working on those “simple” arrangements, I’ll probably do some Suikoden stuff. I just started replaying Suikoden Tactics on a whim and should try to arrange one of those songs, maybe.