January 17, 2012

Radiant Historia

Posted in video games tagged , , , , at 10:45 am by riulyn

I recently started following a LP of this game and I really want to buy it! But currently it is $80+ US on Amazon and with my long game queue, I will not be buying this game any time soon.

But besides looking like a fun game, the music is also great. Yoko Shimomura has always been one of my favorite composers and she does a good job entertaining the gamer with a limited number of tracks. I love her stuff because of the way she uses so much melodic percussion – pianos, bells, whatever. If I could ever compose one song worthy of her name, I would be more than satisfied. Alas my days of working on original music have dwindled considerably since high school.

But anyway, the best part of Radiant Historia is that it’s a good RPG for the Nintendo DS. I have only beaten one RPG for the DS and though I am a big Suikoden fan, Suikoden Tierkreis was definitely a “Suikoden lite”. When you can make a game that focuses on some fun battle mechanics and a good story, you don’t need a high-tech system. I suppose I could always play some of the Final Fantasy remakes on DS but I really don’t have the urge to replay those games. I guess when a game is so popular and you hear about it pretty often, you don’t feel as much of a need to replay it.

Also a bonus of Radiant Historia – none of the main party members actually annoy me! That’s so rare in a JRPG where there is a tendency to use stock characters (Tales games are the biggest offenders in my opinion, but probably because I have played so many of them). I suppose if you own this game, you can brag to me about it and make me feel even sadder that I didn’t manage to grab this game when it wasn’t so expensive.