March 25, 2012

How do I make real-life VGM-playing friends?

Posted in music tagged , , , at 6:13 pm by riulyn

Any tips?

Getting back into videogame music has made me sad that I am unable to share this passion with someone in real life. Actually I can’t really even discuss music playing with my limited number of friends because most of them don’t play music anymore if they did and not many of them went far. Sure, I can play on my keyboard, but some of my best musical memories were from playing in high school band. I would love to be in a video game band but I don’t think they have many of those around the world, let alone in Seattle. An informal meetup would be great, but I don’t have the energy to organize and I don’t even know where to start.

If only I had actually composing skills, I could have gone and become a videogame music composer. Ah well, I still could be one, if I ever get down to making my own RPG…



  1. Rando said,

    Have you tried hanging around in any of Seattle’s generally-geeky hangouts?

    I was there last summer for twelve weeks, and though I didn’t encounter any VGmusic-associated groups, I wasn’t actively looking—I did, however, run into lots and lots of people with geeky interests (including video game music!) at places like Green Lake Games and Card Kingdom during their board game nights and such.

    I don’t know if you’re into board games and such, but those may be good places to start ^^

    • riulyn said,

      Thanks for your comment. Sadly I’m not a big board game player nor do I really play mainstream games. Though if there are people who at least discuss video game music, it might be worth looking into these types of gatherings.

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