April 24, 2012

Kingdom Hearts

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Well, I got sidetracked by a parody music video and started playing Kingdom Hearts. It’s a good thing since this was a series I did want to play eventually. For some reason I thought I would be terrible at it but it isn’t so bad. I just hate the camera’s automatic movement a lot. If only I could fix the angle at certain times… Also I suck at jumping hardcore.

Anyway when I had first heard of the game I thought it was a rather silly idea. It’s not like the game can’t be taken seriously but it is lighthearted for the most part. Not quite Radiata Stories parody-light hearted but just very Disney. Or in other words, like a Saturday morning cartoon. I don’t particularly care for anyone nor dislike anyone on our side, so that’s a good thing so far.

I definitely couldn’t stop hearing about the series not only because most JRPG fans have played it, but the music for the games is also very popular. I do like the music, especially how well all the rearranged Disney music and Yoko Shimomura’s original stuff mesh together. It really took playing the game for me to appreciate the fact. I guess that means I should be transcribing more Kingdom Hearts music? [But I’m lazy and I like transcribing easy songs…]


April 9, 2012

First time Con Adventure

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This past weekend I finally checked out Sakura-con after living in Seattle for 3.5 years. My friend and I made sure we would be free this time and pre-registered. I probably should have gotten the $30 pre-register price for next year, but I guess I am not 100% sure I will be there. More like 90% sure since I’m not going to graduate that soon.

Anyway it was pretty fun just people watching (lots of interesting costumes), shopping (bought too many games, and this is totally the wrong place to be buying games), and anime music videos were great. Panels were hit and miss of course; some people are better at this stuff than others. I learned who Todd Haberkorn was and he was pretty funny; he led some well-organized, funny panels. Even though I don’t really watch much anime, it was still fun. I guess it helped that I had watched a relatively recent anime, Durarara, so I wasn’t completely out of the loop. I mean, I know a bit about Bleach and Naruto but I have not watched them. My friend had to tell me who was cosplaying what. Now I have a list of anime to watch along with a list of games to play. (I HAVE RADIANT HISTORIA!!!!)

I was sad that there wasn’t much JRPG cosplaying. Supposedly Georg Prime and some Lunar SSS cosplay happened but I missed them. It was pretty Link-tastic, FF7 and Kingdom Hearts. Strangely enough I have limited experience with Zelda. I think I played A Link to the Past but never finished it? Of course I don’t play much Zelda because I suck at those kind of games, let alone I don’t own the right gaming systems. As for the FF series, FF7 isn’t a bad game or anything but it’s all over, whereas the poor Suikoden series…

I’m sad that the con is over. I just missing seeing people walking around in costume and such. Also, general nerdiness. Anyway, I am stalking the Offical PAX twitter so hopefully I will get the three day pass to PAX this year. I’ll probably hit up every panel I can about videogame music, even if I am only a JRPG player. Because, of course, videogame music is awesome!

April 4, 2012

Watching LPs in a Second Language

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My recent interests besides learning Japanese (slowly, I must add) is browsing YouTube for some LPs (Let’s Plays) that are done in a language that I understand some of but not in English. I’ve done most of my searching in Spanish and German. Here’s what I look for:

  1. Text is translated into target language. I’m usually watching a LP in a foreign language so I get used to seeing dialogue in that language, so I am mostly watching LPs of RPGs. I don’t have a preference for whether it is a game I’ve played before or not, though the nostalgia factor helps with games I have played before that are not so popular (aka not Final Fantasy games).
  2. The LPer actually says something. Reading the dialogue with some emotions is nice, but also having commentary in the target language. If the dialogue is being shown in English, the LPer needs to orally translate the dialogue rather accurately. It’s easier for me to tell if that’s the case in Spanish where I have basic fluency. I’m not so sure for German, but then again I probably wouldn’t understand half of what the person was saying anyway… But I think it would be obvious if the LPer was leaving out key information in his or her translation.
  3. The videos aren’t too long. I like them to be 20 minutes or less. If I want to devote a bit of time to Spanish, German, whatever else, then I can’t spend too much time on any one video.

For Spanish, sometimes searching for “Vamos a jugar” works for getting LPs. I have been okay so far using “Let’s Play german” for German videos.

If anyone has recommendations for non-FF RPG LPs in Spanish or German (top priorities), Russian (that would be amazing), French or Italian or Portuguese (interested but will put off for a bit), please leave me a comment!

Also, I can never watch too many Suikoden series translations.