April 24, 2012

Kingdom Hearts

Posted in music, video games tagged , , , at 8:48 am by riulyn

Well, I got sidetracked by a parody music video and started playing Kingdom Hearts. It’s a good thing since this was a series I did want to play eventually. For some reason I thought I would be terrible at it but it isn’t so bad. I just hate the camera’s automatic movement a lot. If only I could fix the angle at certain times… Also I suck at jumping hardcore.

Anyway when I had first heard of the game I thought it was a rather silly idea. It’s not like the game can’t be taken seriously but it is lighthearted for the most part. Not quite Radiata Stories parody-light hearted but just very Disney. Or in other words, like a Saturday morning cartoon. I don’t particularly care for anyone nor dislike anyone on our side, so that’s a good thing so far.

I definitely couldn’t stop hearing about the series not only because most JRPG fans have played it, but the music for the games is also very popular. I do like the music, especially how well all the rearranged Disney music and Yoko Shimomura’s original stuff mesh together. It really took playing the game for me to appreciate the fact. I guess that means I should be transcribing more Kingdom Hearts music? [But I’m lazy and I like transcribing easy songs…]


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