May 7, 2012

General Life Update

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Most original title ever. Yeah…

So I figured instead of filling up the twitter timeline I would make a longer post here. I’m sure very few people care about my life, but this is my blog and it serves me. It’s not like I would spend the minutes writing here on transcribing music.

First off, I’ve started gaming regularly again. If you can tell by my last series of posts, gaming has been on my mind and on my schedule. I started up and got most of the way through Kingdom Hearts, got wanderlust and started up Radiata Stories again and FFVII Crisis Core. On the DS I’ve wandered away from Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (got stuck and tactics games aren’t really my thing) and started up the Lufia 2 remake only to be surprised at the major changes in the battle system and world layout. I did start up Mass Effect but got frustrated trying to navigate around. Also I did a little test of my Japanese knowledge by starting up the Japanese PSP version of Suikoden 1 and I am still pretty unknowledgeable.

Of course I am casually studying Japanese almost everyday, mostly through JLPT flashcards and reading over beginner podcast dialogues. My goal is to read Japanese, not necessarily speak it. I’ve also been watching One Piece episodes with subtitles. This is from the very beginning. Just started season 2. Other languages I’m studying right now are German and Russian. I was going to start watching a German LP of Xenoblade Chronicles but then bought the game. Now I just need a machine that can play the game. Think I’ll wait for the Wii U.

I’ve also been following H.C. Bailly’s LP of Final Fantasy IV – the Complete Collection. I’m really interested in the After Years content. It’s a game I’m thinking of buying if the After Years is interesting. Yes, I’ll know the entire plot via the LP but that didn’t prevent me from buying Radiant Historia.

I still knit. Also I’ve done a little bit of reading outside of stuff online and for lab. I finished the first book of the Warchild series by Karin Lowachee and I also finished a book on Medieval Russia which I mostly read at lunch on work days. That took me at least 6 months but stuff like history seems to work well that way. Started a political essay-type book discussing the rise of Lenin and Stalin, which is interesting but I kind of need the history after Ivan IV…

I just saw the Avengers film this past weekend. That was good.

That’s a pretty good summary of what’s been happening lately. Way too many things that take away from transcribing sheet music 🙂 I’m actually surprised at how productive I’ve been since coming back from hiatus. I haven’t worked on anything recently despite listening to videogame music almost all the time. I’m just waiting for the itch to come back, though I also think it would be awesome to surpass the 300 sheets created line sooner than later. I’m sure it’ll happen before the end of the year. And then I remember that someone like Sakuraba probably writes 300 songs in a week…