August 6, 2012

Nervous about PAX

Posted in video games tagged , , at 9:00 pm by riulyn

I went to my first convention ever last April, which happened to be Sakuracon. I went with a friend who was on top of things; she knew what she wanted to see and wanted to do. Of course we did more than just hop from panel to panel…we ended up finding the Anime Music Video contest super interesting. Sakuracon was great because I was worried that cons would be supercrowded but despite the numbers it was pretty chill, pretty easy to get to bathrooms and get water, and lines weren’t insane. Also we had 3-day passes which was great. Even though I actually haven’t watched that much anime in comparison to most people who attend Sakuracon, I had watched the relatively recent anime Durarara and I know of the big ones – Naruto, Bleach, One Piece – even if I needed my friend’s help to figure who was who. I was pretty at home with recognizing the FF, Kingdom Hearts (even though at that time I hadn’t played Kingdom Hearts yet), Zelda, Pokemon, and even some Mass Effect. There were enough JRPG-related stuff to make me feel welcome enough?

I’m not sure. PAX seems geared more towards actual gaming and not the fan culture. There seems to be a lot more tournaments and expos. I have yet to get into western RPGs since I haven’t done PC gaming or card gaming. I don’t play fighters or shooters or platformers or horror games. I know of a lot of franchises but even Zelda happened a long time ago for me, and it was probably A Link to the Past. I actually don’t remember which Zelda game I have tried to play; that’s how long ago it was and how little I remember of it.

I also don’t have the latest portable systems and I rarely play multiplayer. I live on my own and the three people I have played games with are all thousands of miles away. And the most recent game I’ve played, aka the game that was published most recently of the bunch I have beaten, was Ys Seven. I think that’s from 2010. I’m trying to catch up on old JRPGs like Kingdom Hearts 2; I just keep putting off Mass Effect which has a battle system that I just completely suck at for things I’m used to like menus and press A to attack games. And I’m not even good at action RPGs.

Anyway I’m mostly nervous about PAX because I just don’t feel like a “gamer” in comparison to the rest of the people who’ll be there, and I’m not a social gamer. People on the PAX forums say everyone is really nice and one person on twitter told me to bring my 3DS. Things I clearly don’t have. And did I mention that I’m still working on Kingdom Hearts 2?


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