August 15, 2012

My 5 Favorite JRPGs – Plot-heavy for sure

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I’ve only beaten about 50 JRPGs, so I’m going to be using the number 5. Since plot and characters are much more important to me than gameplay (unless gameplay hurts so bad), this may also be considered “5 Favorite JRPG Plots”.

  1. Suikoden II. This game has little downtime and really pulls at your heartstrings with what happens in the game. Probably the most emotionally powerful plot of all the Suikoden games, though the most heartbreaking moment in the series actually occurs in the first game.
  2. Xenogears. Even if I don’t remember exactly what happened in the game and in what order, there were lots of interesting things going on, a lot of “holy crap”, a lot of very emotional scenes. I finally got a copy of the game for myself, so soon I will replay this game for its epicness, if nothing else.
  3. Xenosaga 3. This game takes little time to build up because it is the third entry in a trilogy that needed major speed-up. And with that, the emotion has been cranked up to 11. Shion finally feels like the true main character, everyone else also joins in the fun. And when the game ends you may still be confused by how everything exactly works, but the big picture is actually pretty clear.
  4. Suikoden V. Actually has a lot of similarities to Suikoden II but longer, with the best silent protagonist I’ve encountered so far, and a bit more strategy involved, even if Lucretia is a bit too smart for this game.
  5. Valkyrie Profile. The characters you recruit come with such depressing but emotionally-packed stories, and then there’s the development of Lenneth herself. The best ending is truly worth going for. Ready to play the PSP version on hard when I have time, so I can see those characters I missed my first few times.

Honorable mentions include: FF6 (the first FF game I played and it was very impressionable), Baten Kaitos (too bad I only played this once and I don’t have the means to play it again), Lunar Eternal Blue Complete.

Games that will possibly fight for spots once I play and beat them: Xenoblade, Radiant Historia


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