September 11, 2012

Hitoshi Sakimoto – I should love your work but…

Posted in music tagged at 9:48 am by riulyn

If you don’t know who Hitoshi Sakimoto is, he is a videogame composer that, for people who play RPGs, is most famous for his work on Final Fantasy Tactics and all the games in that verse. He’s also the main guy for Valkyria Chronicles, and has scattered works all over the place.

Sakimoto’s style overall is orchestral. It’s rare to find anything of his that is strictly piano or a melody with guitar accompaniment, or really anything with less than 3 instruments. Something about his style is grand but yet very background.

What I’m saying is that his work does great things for the game, namely it works within the game, but it doesn’t seem to shine on its own. How many people who play JRPGs would be whistling/humming a Sakimoto tune versus a Uematsu, Kondo, Shimomura, Mitsuda, Tanioka (holy crap her stuff is catchy), etc. tune?

I think ultimately what’s missing from Sakimoto’s work is the iconic song that gets stuck in everyone’s head. What does Sakimoto have that compares to the Final Fantasy theme that Nobuo Uematsu has written or Time’s Scar by Yasunori Mitsuda (which was used by an Irish dance group that one of my college friends was in, to my surprise)? If you have that song, please tell me all about it!


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