September 20, 2012

My Parents and Gaming

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My parents are coming to visit me Saturday and we are going on vacation for a week, so I won’t be here updating my blog regularly like I have been these past few weeks. I’m glad that I’m doing regular updates; it seems that when I start regularly engaging in an activity, whether it is playing games or watching sports or whatever, I need to regularly visit forums and/or blog about it. I guess those things substitute for friends?

Anyway, there’s little chance that I’ll be playing close to the 20 hours or so that I’ve been averaging weekly. I’m only bringing the PSP so it will be Persona 3 Portable and maybe Jeanne D’Arc. It’s not that my parents necessarily disapprove of me playing videogames, but more like they rather not watch.

It’s their attitude towards anything they see as not “helpful” for me as a person. If I’m reading a book, no matter what type, it’s okay if I’m reading for hours. I could probably knit for hours in front of them though usually I’m also watching TV or talking to them. If I was doing work on my computer that would be fine. They enjoy listening to me practice the piano or whatever. But more than 2 hours in front of the TV and they are like “why are you watching so much TV?” I was really into watching tennis at that point and I hadn’t even finished watching one match! Videogames are the same way. But if I was livestreaming tennis on my laptop in my bedroom instead of watching on the big TV in the family room, they don’t know/care. I also used to spend weekend afternoons in the basement playing games on the PSX, SNES emulator, or Gamecube. But I never dared to do that with the family room TV. What if my parents needed that TV to watch some cooking show? Who knows for sure.

My parents definitely knew my siblings and I were playing games. They bought us a PS2 for Christmas, and they saw all the game cases sooner or later. They knew about me transcribing sheet music for videogames and even tried to tell a classmate of my age who was visiting our house about it.   They got us tickets to the “Dear Friends” concert.

But it’s been a while since I’ve gamed in their presence. It’s really only recently that I have gotten into handhelds and the PSP, so now I have the means to game anywhere. But if they truly knew how much time I was gaming… They’d be disappointed for sure. After all, they wanted me done with this Ph.D. already and anything that I’m doing that appears to be holding me back would be a big disappointment to them. I’m sorry that I don’t have many career aspirations. I’m sorry that I’m happy being a grad student. I’m sorry that I’m not trying to socialize instead of playing games.



  1. Robert said,

    eh, I have it lucky I suppose. My mother is happy that I’m alive at all, considering my relationship with depression, anxiety and social isolation. Doing anything at all is good for me. But even if people don’t like it, I like to play my games and they know it. I’m planning on making a life out of gaming by being a game designer, so I can write off all the time I spend playing video games as research! ha!

    Having parents trying to push you into or away from something is not fun, I imagine.

    • riulyn said,

      I know they say and do these things because they are concerned about me, but we really just operate differently. Sometimes I envy their ability to actually focus on work and care about what they are doing, whereas I picked a field because it is interesting enough to me, funded enough that I will get a paycheck, and also gives me enough free time to do other things. I wish I could love videogames enough to work in that industry but I don’t, nor do I love anything enough for it to be my job.

  2. Priphea said,

    Hope the vacation goes well… I’m working on my doctorate as well and my parents don’t seem to understand the need for me to decompress (which is usually via video games or piano – mostly video game music, which always leads to them asking me why I can’t play music that they can “understand,” heh) and seem to think it’s preventing me from being serious about school or something. You have to have a balance between school and um, non-school stuff, right? Anyway, I just started playing Jeanne d’Arc! I’d always wanted to play it but never got around to it and I’m on break from school this week, so I’m hoping to beat it before school starts again. It reminds me of a cross between FFT and Valkyrie Profile DS – fun strategy game with unique elements (having a fixed number of turns is forcing me to be way more aggressive than I ever am in turn-based SRPGs and I felt guilty initially about using Godspeed but oh boy am I ever abusing it now)… and P3P is on my long backlog as well (I might tackle Corpse Party after this though).

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