October 6, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 2…I wish I liked it more.

Posted in video games tagged , , , at 9:56 pm by riulyn

I’m nearing the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, so I feel like I can start expressing my views on the game. Unless there is some major revelation at the end that really turns my opinion on the game, I have to say I liked the first game a lot better plot-wise. The sprawling plot just doesn’t do it for me this time, and I’m usually cool with plots that can be too big for its shell (hello Xenosaga). But in comparison to the first game and another action RPG I played recently, Ys 7, there is too much that feels like “required sidequests” rather than actual interesting plot. The “bad guys” get so little screen time, and while they appear to have personalities they only get 5 lines of dialogue to convey it in. Instead you get the same “take home” message like 10 times in a row; in each world you make someone realize that with your help, as his/her friend, everything can be worked out. There’s nothing wrong with helping out your friends and making an entire game like that, but Kingdom Hearts 2 is trying to present itself as more. You’re searching for answers and most of the time you don’t get any but “don’t worry, I know you’ll find him”. Yeah, thanks game. And meanwhile random stuff is happening to the world. It’s probably explained somewhere. Maybe I’ll hear it soon.

I also have issues with battling, but I think it’s my personal preference for buttons to have designated actions instead of reaction commands and the square button doing like 50 things. Also I miss dodge-rolling probably because I abuse it in every game it is in. I would use an actual defense, but for some reason when I try to defend Sora does a parry swing instead of a hold. Probably because like 20 actions are mapped to the square button…

I have to say that the music is great like always from Yoko Shimomura. It’s hard for me to think of favorite tracks, but I enjoy both the rehashed and the new stuff almost equally.

I think I may be done with Kingdom Hearts after this game. The series is all over the place. Sure, if someone gives me a Kingdom Hearts game for free, I’ll put it in my backlog. But I think I’ll get my action RPG fix with some more Ys series.


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