October 11, 2012

5 of my favorite JRPG Females

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I have to say 5 of them because if I really did my top 5, I think they may all come from the Suikoden series 🙂 Just kidding. In no particular order I present 5 of my favorite females, with the limit of one female character from each series.

Kainé (NieR). Have I not gone long enough about how much I love this game right now? And how she was one of the best aspects of it? She has such a presence that I even thought about cosplaying her for my first cosplay ever…until I realized that she doesn’t wear pants. Crap. But anyway she has some wicked blades and great magic, making her useful during the game, and her story which gets highlighted on the way towards Ending B, is very interesting. Also the way you first meet her; she’s no pushover. She’s hard and foul-mouthed because of her past, but it’s not all for the wrong reasons. A lot of depth and personality, she can be rough with you but if you become her friend, she’s a friend for life.

KOS-MOS (Xenosaga). It’s pretty much a spoiler to tell you why I consider KOS-MOS a female character, but anyway she is just so kickass. One of the reason I love the Xenosaga series to be honest. All the reasons why I love her are big spoilers, argh!

Lucia (Suikoden 2 & 3). It’s almost impossible to limit myself to one Suikoden character from a series with plentiful amazing females, but Lucia is everything I’d want to be if I ever grow up 🙂 Strong but kind, biting with the tongue and the whip, and confident. There’s not much else to say. She’s just that awesome.

Seth (Lost Odyssey). The limiting of characters per series allows me to squeeze her onto this list. Another badass mother, she is an action girl but not with the annoying “tsundere” factor of many younger action girls. She’ll give Jansen a good kick, but in a friendly manner, she’ll take charge if need be (though Kaim is a pretty capable man), she’s a freakin’ pirate in all ways.

Terra (FFVI). If you read my earlier post on my 5 favorite protagonists, you knew she would show up here. She was the first JRPG character I played as and my favorite in that game from first sight. I really enjoyed her self-discovery journey and her ability to kick ass was also very, very awesome. She is my favorite FF character overall.

So hard to write these types of posts without spoilers! Anyway let me know if there are some JRPGs with awesome females that I need to play (without spoiling me). I’m all for ass-kicking to come from people of all types.



  1. retrodragon said,

    I LOVE Lost Odyssey. And Seth was one of the best characters in the game. It was so cool to discover that she was the mother of an old man…so awkward but fascinating. Good stuff!

    • retrodragon said,

      Oh and It’s kind of obvious, but I really love Lightning as a character, in spite of some of the reservations I had about FF13 overall. I found her very compelling

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