November 9, 2012

Why I wish I got into Wild Arms earlier

Posted in video games tagged , , at 2:30 pm by riulyn

I finished Wild Arms 5 a few days ago. It was definitely a fun game. Recommended unless you hate any type of platforming or simplified platforming, somewhat predictable characters, a growing-up story, lots of cutscenes, a bit of nonsense. Pretty much it hit a few points that annoy people in “modern JRPGs” as if they were absent from older ones. Yeah, queuing the sarcasm…

Anyway, I really liked the game so I was on GameFAQs message boards looking into the ending and bonus stuff, when I read a bunch of threads of people saying whether they liked this particular Wild Arms, stuff on the series as a whole, etc. Seems like the series did some major shifting in gameplay over the iterations. The charm of the story has also varied as well.

Still, I’m not sure exactly how to compare Wild Arms 5’s charm with something else. I think it presents another unique flavor, though maybe more story-wise in the lines of a Tales game and more gameplay-wise in a…no idea. I think I’ve played something else with a Hex-like system that wasn’t tactical, but I’m forgetting it.

Also, the music in this game is very traditional JRPG. Town themes are “homey”, battle themes are “moving”, themes are simple and soaring rather than hidden or complex. I really enjoyed the music of this game and supposedly music is a good part of every Wild Arms game.

The next Wild Arms game on the menu is Wild Arms 1, since I have a used copy on me. I’ve heard platforming is actually serious in Wild Arms 4, so I may save that for last. Wild Arms 2 may be next since it is on PSN, and hopefully the other Wild Arms games don’t go up too much in price.

It is sad, though, playing what is probably the last main Wild Arms game ever. I know the market has changed and everything, but these types of games will always have a place in my heart. If that means I never grow up, well then I don’t care 🙂



  1. Joseph said,

    Wild arms 5 is my favorite WA game. I loved the speed of the combat combined with the use of the hex system. And I enjoyed the cast quite a bit. The original WA is awesome, so try to accept the outdated battle graphics. WA 2 has a great cast, and much improved combat, but for some reason I still haven’t finished it. I also have current save games in 3 and 4. I have rpg ADD. Loving both games though. Good luck!

    • riulyn said,

      I keep hoping to see these games somewhere used because I don’t like buying used games online. Big mistake when I had to replace Suikoden 5, the used game didn’t come with an official game case. I’ll probably buy WA3 sooner than later as these games are starting to get expensive online (I got 5 because it was the cheapest new one that wasn’t a remake).

      • Joseph said,

        I get all my used titles on Amazon, and if you make sure to get them in “like new” condition, you can get really great quality for a really good price. Fairly reliable too. I’ve probably grabbed around 15 or so older titles over the last two years from there with no problems as of yet. And 1 and 2 are on the psn which I personally prefer anyway. Happy hunting:)

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