November 29, 2012

Xenoblade Chronicles

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I’m not sure what to say. There’s something very addictive about this game. There’s just so much going on, so much you can do, even at the beginning of the game. The fact that you are freaking exploring the world that exists on top of an ancient robot like it’s the most normal thing in the world. The fact that most battles are quick, avoidable, and scary enemies are all over the place. The fact that there is so much treasure. The fact that the world is huge but there is this awesome thing called skipping that can teleport you if you don’t want to crush monsters and gather treasure on your way around. The fact that the music is awesome.

I don’t think I hyped this game for myself. I really tried not to. But I really wanted to love this game because I convinced my brother to give me his Wii for this game. Because other people loved the game and I wanted to love it to. It’s just so great when you can be satisfied like this.

I’ve decided not to rush through the game and go for about 10-20 hours/week. The only unfortunate happening is being away from the game around Christmas time. I will need to hold back a bit so I don’t die of desire to finish off the game. Maybe when I’m home I’ll finish off Persona 3 Portable run #1. My psp backlog is long after all.

The only downside to Xenoblade-ing right now – I completely dropped the ball on my Suikoden Day stuff. Maybe I’ll get a Suikoden 2 sheet done tonight, but I had much bigger plans…



  1. Robert said,

    I’ve wanted to get back into playing the game for months, but there’s so much for backlogs on my handhelds and PS3 that I just never feel like switching over to the Wii anymore. I’m not super far in it, and I do really like what I’ve seen so far, but I will get very into the side quests like I do in games I enjoy battling/gathering treasure in so when I do start playing it again it will likely be at the exclusion of everything else. So far I have Tales of Graces f and 4 other games on my plate on the PS3 before I could look at the Wii. Plus Borderlands 2 keeps calling me, telling me I need more badass ranking.

    • riulyn said,

      As a friend told me, Xenoblade is not going to go anywhere 🙂 The Wii is also just not that attractive of a system. If it wasn’t for Xenoblade I’d be fine living without it.

      It also helps that I still don’t have a PS3 yet (I know I’ll get one eventually) so other new shiny games aren’t pulling my attention away.

  2. Joseph said,

    I started up my copy of Xenoblade and was enjoying it for about the first 10 hours or so. And then I just got bored. I don’t even know why exactly, it just failed to keep my attention. And guess what? I TOTALLY overhyped myself for this game. So I’m waiting until I forget about it, and then I’m going to play it again haha. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it once I’ve changed my expectations.

    • riulyn said,

      Do you remember where you left off at? The pace has slowed down for me right now but it feels a bit natural for it to do so. It doesn’t help that the battle system isn’t the most interesting in the world. But it is so pretty that I kind of want to live in that world.

      • Joseph said,

        I had just gotten the sniper chick, and I thought she was really cool. I got sucked into trying to do all the optional stuff in each area, and because the enemies don’t scale it made the battles a real bore. I’m going to get back into it though, because I really enjoyed the music and setting. Wish it was in HD though! How far have you gotten?

      • riulyn said,

        I’m further than you are. I don’t want to spoil you though so I’ll say nothing more. Anyway, I guess it’s almost too much optional stuff that distracted you? I try to pick up most of the quests I can at once and don’t go out of my way to do them unless there is the clock sign showing. At some point I’ll probably stop doing all the quests since not all quest rewards are worth the effort.

        This game would have been amazing in HD. It really is a shame.

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