December 12, 2012

JRPG Composers Briefly – Motoi Sakuraba

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Motoi Sakuraba. If you haven’t heard something by this guy, you don’t play enough video games. Period. He’s not just a JRPG composer of some of the biggest series like Tales, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Dark Souls, but I believe he does some of Kid Icarus. Go to wiki to see his ginormous discography.

  • Style – Rockin’. At least that’s what I think of when I think of Sakuraba’s signature works. Electric guitars, bass lines that are pumpin’, hella strings, even the piano is shaking a ton. He can do almost anything though.
  • Strengths – Battle themes. Find a Tales game without a rockin’ battle theme. Or try to listen to the Valkyrie Profile soundtrack and not get in the mood to battle for Asgard. They are also pretty catchy.
  • Weaknesses – I don’t think he does “beautiful” music quite like some other JRPG composers. I’m not sure exactly what is missing. Maybe it’s the instrumentation. His music can make me feel a sadness and warmth, but it’s not quite the same beauty in the melody, perhaps.
  • 5 of my favorite songs by him (how do I choose?) – Fighting of the Spirit (Tales of Phantasia & Symphonia), Behave Irrationally (Valkyrie Profile), Through a Thin Haze (Valkyrie Profile), The Second Act (Tales of Phantasia), Beat the Angel (Tales of Symphonia)

Speaking of Valkyrie Profile music, that’s the music that I’ve been listening to now that I’ve moved on from Suikoden 3. It doesn’t make for good sleeping, as I’ve had some weird dreams. Though in truth I think those things are unrelated, just coincidence 🙂


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