December 18, 2012

Winter Break Gaming

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In a few days I will have to leave my consoles and PC for I am staying with my parents for 2 weeks. As much as I love gaming, it’s not worth spending this time of the year away from family even though it will be hard to leave Xenoblade and all the other games I’m playing. And because I’m smart, I started up Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits. It’s running okay on my PS2 emulator, unlike Growlanser: The Sense of Justice which froze every other time I tried to save. Because having one PS2 is not enough for me, haha. It’s just like using the DS to play a GBA game and using the GBA to play a different GBA game. I haven’t actually used my PC to play a PC game. Will be getting to that at some point (for Bastion, etc.)

Anyway, winter break gaming will mean my handhelds. Unfortunately my PSP doesn’t hold battery life for too long, so for the 5 hour flight I go with the PSP and the DS and a book. I’m finishing up the Stieg Larsson trilogy about Lisbeth Salander so maybe that will be the airplane reading. I also have my laptop but at the moment I only use it for data processing, sheet music, internet, music. I could probably emulate a SNES but my backlog is already long enough already.

Picking games to take home shall be fun. I think this break will be a good time for me to finish off Persona 3 portable run#1. I left off in September to start my Japanese studies with Suikoden I. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much Japanese I can read after a year of self-study, but I know this game too well to know if my next try at a Japanese game, Shining Hearts, will be successful. I’m going through Suikoden slowly, writing out the script and making flashcards of the words and kanji. It’s probably way too much work for little reward, but sometimes I get stubborn about doing things like this.

On the DS side, I should really play Chrono Trigger, which I really just started but decided to play more of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones instead. I see Sacred Stones being beaten over the break even with the grinding I’ll probably do on the plane. Playtime says 21 hours but I think I’ve done more like 60. I keep resetting the game because I don’t want to lose anybody. And now I feel like class changing most of my units. I suppose that means this game was worth the $18 I spent on it.

On the GBA I have Lufia: The Ruins of Lore. The last time I played the game, which was months after its release, I got only a few hours in before giving up. This time I plan to finish it even though it is pretty boring. I’m just too much of a completionist to leave it alone. And even if that Lufia 2 remake is bad I plan to see that one through as well. It appears at least to have better dialogue banter than Ruins of Lore, who doesn’t even have dialogue to save its ass. It is sort of sad to see what happened to the Lufia series. I don’t think the DS remake did great, so the series is probably dead now. Though to be fair, I don’t know how many times they could use a certain plot device without being too repetitive. I think Ruins of Lore doesn’t use that plot device, but I haven’t gotten far enough in it to know. And why does that game have to be butt ugly? I don’t ask for amazing graphics on a GBA but ones that I can actually stand to look at.



  1. Joseph said,

    Ok two questions: 1. Is learning Japanese worth it? lol. I’ve been looking into it for a while, bc I would love to start importing more often, especially as the NA ps3 and the Japanese have the same region lock (at least that’s what I heard). So I’m really curious about how you do it and if you are enjoying the process. 2. How well does the ps2 emulation work? last I heard there were a lot of problems. I would love to try it on my laptop though. Very cool. Enjoy your winter break:)

    • riulyn said,

      1. I am not sure if learning Japanese is worth it since my comprehension of Suikoden is maybe 30% of the dialogue so far. The Japanese language is very logical but its structure is quite different from English. Combined with all the different politeness levels and it feels like there are way more variations than you can count. I find it both fun and frustrating. I have always liked learning languages though because it’s like decoding secrets. I don’t focus much on the end result. So you’ll have to ask someone else whether learning Japanese just to play games is worth it.
      2. Emulation works but it isn’t the smoothest ride even for my new computer. I run it on “fast” and it still has slowdown. Though to be fair it would work better if I burned the game onto my computer and ran the iso. I think different games will have different problems with emulation.

      • Joseph said,

        Thanks for the info! I used to import psx titles to try sqaresoft games before they were localized. I’ll never forget playing through half of Chrono Cross in japanese on my modded psx. I’ve always found playing games in another language somehow more interesting and mysterious. I always use the Japanese for voice dialogue if the option is present too. It adds something I think. Maybe my new years resolution will be to learn some Kanji. And I think for now I won’t get into the ps2 emulator. I don’t really have time to mess around gaming on my laptop at work anyway. I already have enough distractions. I love the idea though, and I had heard there were some problems, so I was curious to hear from someone who has been using it. My ps2 works, but it’s kind of on the fritz because my cat kind of broke it. Long story. Could be a good backup plan if it finally dies. Thanks!

  2. toashel said,

    If there was one thing I enjoyed about the Lufia II remake, it’d be that I could listen to the remastered OST. Some of the tracks from Lufia II are probably some of my favorite of all time.

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