December 20, 2012

Video Game Wedding Music

Posted in music tagged , , , at 11:25 am by riulyn

So I have been lazy in terms of working on sheet music and I feel a bit guilty about it. Especially since a few months ago I got this interesting request for piano sheet music to “Lucia’s Theme”. The person asked if I could try to do it sooner than later since he or she wanted to use it for his/her wedding in June.

At first I was like “whoa, that sounds cool!” Then I was like “crap I actually should do a good job.”

But anyway, it made me wonder what kind of video game music would I want to have at my own wedding. Since I’m totally going to get married… /sarcasm.

I’d want something from the Suikoden series since you know how much I love that series, and the first thing that comes to mind is “Ceremony” from Suikoden II. As for love songs, “Lucia’s Theme” from Lunar Eternal Blue is pretty good. I guess there’s “Eyes on Me” from FFVIII.

I know there was a wedding in Lufia 2 and in FFX and FFXII, but I’m pretty sure there was no dedicated theme in FFXII and I’m not sure I’d want Lufia 2’s. I haven’t played FFX since it came out so while I’m familiar with the music I don’t remember if that game had dedicated wedding music. All I remember was Seymour…aagh, the horrid memories! Oh yeah, someone got married in Lost Odyssey too. I should go look into that. There was a wedding in NieR too but we know how that went… So yeah, no NieR music at my wedding.

Anyway I’d have to have a song by Yasunori Mitsuda in there since I’m a huge fan of his, so maybe “Warmth” from Xenosaga I or “The Treasure which cannot be stolen”. I’m not sure where I’d put those songs, though. Maybe something by Yoko Shimomura too, though my favorite songs of hers are all sad songs. She does those quite well 🙂 I’m sure a Nobuo Uematsu track will make its way into the lineup, and that just leaves a Motoi Sakuraba song to have representation from my big 4. I’m sure there’s something…someone’s gotten married in a Motoi Sakuraba-composed game right?


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