January 7, 2013

Happy 2013!

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I would have typed this up earlier, but my replacement laptop charger died about a month after I got it. I can only get it at Battpit so I don’t have many options. Maybe I have to buy a new laptop…

Anyway, because of the loss of my laptop, my break actually was much more productive on the gaming front. I pretty much marathoned to the best of my ability the rest of Persona 3 Portable. I thought I had made pretty good progress into the game, 60 hours into a “80-hour” game. Well, that game actually took me 101 hours. But I know for May, when I’ll be using this only version of Persona 3 for the RPGamer marathon, that I won’t spend hours just staring at possible fusions.

It was rather sad that I ended up not caring much about the social links at the end as I had to grind almost half of the Tartarus for the last few “months”. And after a long “final” boss battle, the scripted nature of the plot ending just made it…Did I really need those other party members at all?

I also finished my Eirika-run through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and then proceeded to read through all the support conversations in a FAQ. I just don’t love this game enough to do it myself. On the plane home I was working on my Ephraim run but managed to hit a battle that I don’t remember how I beat without someone dying. Critical hits early in the game are truly killer.

I started up Jeanne D’Arc and made it into Chapter 7, and for me this game will be 30-40 hours long. Once again, distracted by unlocking skill binding combinations. It’s a fun game, but at one fight I got stuck until I did a few optional battles to get upgraded swords and a few levels. You level up pretty quick in this game. I know I’m near the end of the game because I looked up a FAQ when I was stuck. I can see this game being a 20 hour game for most people, but 10 hours? How do you play this game that fast?

Now that I’ve bored you all with my gaming update, let’s just say I hope this next year is a great year for gaming and everything else for everyone! I have a growing backlog that needs some love and lots of worlds I want to travel to. First off is joining everyone in DQ8. Of course that means only short stints in Xenoblade. I will finish that game…eventually šŸ™‚


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