January 10, 2013

Dragon Quest VIII – Gorgeous

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Gorgeous is my one word summary for the game so far.

The visuals are still beautiful even in 2013, and the music. Wow that music. There hasn’t been a lot of variety yet, but Koichi Sugiyama made some beautiful songs that are arranged nicely for orchestra. This might be a soundtrack I might look into buying, though I don’t know how easy it would be to get.

I’m not particularly fond of the art style (both for this game and Jeanne D’Arc) but there’s nothing offensive or extremely ridiculous like those designs for Lost Odyssey. I’m a terrible art critic and I have no sense of style, but I like my JRPGs with bright colors, and those are a plenty here.

I played this game once before in early 2006 but got distracted 1/3 or 1/2-way by Suikoden V. Marathons are good for finishing off games like these (planning about 80 hours for it this month, hope that is enough), and I can finally feel like a more “legitimate” JRPG fan after beating a DQ game. It’s just such a big series that I should at least kill some metal slimes, if nothing else.


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  1. Joseph said,

    DQVIII was the first DQ game I ever played, as I was originally put off by the first person battles that the backbone of the DQ series. But when I discovered that VIII used a hybrid system that actually showed your characters in combat I got on board. DQVIII is easily one of the top 5 games on ps2 IMO. Loved it. I really loved the “true” ending for this game as well. Really left me with a sense of true completion. Great game, glad to hear it’s still just as solid!

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