January 24, 2013

“X” – Monolith Soft’s New “Hype” Train?

Posted in video games tagged , , , at 11:41 am by riulyn

Yesterday’s news made me really giddy, and I proceeded to (once I was at home) bug the three people who I talk games with about Monolith’s new title “X” (probably a different name later). Of course there wasn’t a ton of things to see in that video, but the one thing that got me riled up was when the player was able to jump into a mech and fly off. That just made my jaw drop.

I would buy this game just to fly around in a gorgeous world on a mech. I think the only way “X” would disappoint me would be if that game mechanic was removed.

Of course there are other expectations for this game after the awesomeness of Xenoblade Chronicles, and I’m sure there are plenty of people jumping onto the “hype train”. Battle system changes, co-op, graphics, etc., is whatever to me for the most part. I guess I have some expectations for the story to be good or at least interesting, but I have loved the stories of anything Xeno – Xenogears and all the Xenosaga games had good stories. So I don’t think the story would suddenly be not enjoyable to me.

Music from the trailer was pretty good, so I expect that to be solid. Xenoblade’s soundtrack is amazing with some new names, so even if I don’t know Sawano, I am trusting in Takahashi’s taste.

For me, the biggest reason to try not to hype too much for this game is the fact that it’s a Wii U game. I have to get a Wii U first, and then hope that this game gets localized since I believe the Wii U is region locked. I’m battling between wanting the game now and not until 2014 for my wallet’s sake.



  1. Joseph said,

    I was also wicked pumped about the flying mecha guy. Gameplay trailer looked really good! And I have the same reservations about getting a Wii U. I almost never use my Wii currently, although I am itching to play Last Story. Hey did you notice that Xenoblade was GoTY on Rpgamer this week? It did seem like it was the best game, but now I’m trying to remember what it was the turned me off to it in the first place…I’m going to have to fire it up again this week lol

    • riulyn said,

      It’s interesting to see the divide over Xenoblade. It seems like many people dropped the game at around the same time, or about 5 to 10 hours in. I must have powered through that, focusing mostly on story, since I didn’t notice a huge lull in the plot.

      Last night I felt like I went through some awesome stuff, and a friend of mine who has beaten the game says that it only gets more Xeno/weirder from here. So I guess be patient with the game? And you really, really do not need to do all of the quests.

      • Joseph said,

        I think the questing is what made me kind of miss out on the actual good stuff in the game like the characters, story and world. And of course music. When I get back into it I will probably start from the beginning and try to avoid questing as much as possible (I’m a compulsive completionist sometimes) Looking forward to it!

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