January 30, 2013

“Cheating” the System with Save Anywhere in Shining Hearts

Posted in video games tagged , , at 12:45 pm by riulyn

I love save anywhere. I die a lot in Xenoblade because I like to go charging in. I’m trying to raise affinities between party members so sometimes I don’t even bring the healer. And I fall off of cliffs sometimes. Oops 🙂

But really, this post is more about Shining Hearts. Yes, I finally managed to play a Japanese game in Japanese that I don’t know the plot of. My comprehension is maybe 30%? It’s like some lines I totally understand and some lines I totally don’t. But I do understand the basic mechanics.

Shining Hearts, at least a few “days” in, is a “quest-based” game. You work at a bakery and each day you report to work and your boss Madera tells you to deliver bread goods to different people. You can also pick up quests from other people, some of them being automatically prompted when you walk by them (at least some of the monster hunting ones). Others can be picked up by talking to people. Most quests have a time limit; time passes automatically during the game. You can also change the time to evening or the next day by deciding to go to bed.

Quests consist of deliveries, monster hunting, collecting items, and making breads, at least so far. Items can be harvested from around town and the outskirts, with these things replenishing with time. On the third day or so you are allowed to start making bread. It requires materials you can collect or buy. You can give bread to people to increase how much they like you and of course to collect more hearts.

Lots and lots of hearts. You can earn hearts from pretty much anything. Walking around by people with nice-smelling bread in your pocket, pressing the square button while you are near them to get even more hearts, completing quests, beating up monsters. Hearts can be used for some battle skills and for baking bread. I’m sure there are more uses once I get further into the game.

Since time passes automatically, you can end up picking up too many quests and not finishing within the time limit. Either you ran out of time to walk to the area or you didn’t have the materials in time. At the end of each day, you get a status report on how many quests you completed, are in progress, and failed. Also you get to see how many hearts you’ve collected and you get a “grade” of some sort at the bottom.

So this is where I “cheat”. I save right before taking on a quest. If I don’t complete it in time, I load. I save right before using the bread-making machine. I load if I make crappy bread. I could also reload to get the best “heart-choice” for dialogue choices, but I can’t save right before those events so I usually don’t bother. But with save anywhere, it wouldn’t take too long to get back to that time. I’m sure if I actually wanted a specific character ending I’d care more about it, but it’s pretty rare that I can manage to read all the dialogue choices in time (and understand them) within the time limit. I figure I’m probably saving the island/world anyway, so it doesn’t really matter about girls 🙂 It’s not like I’d understand it anyway…



  1. Joseph said,

    Sounds like fun:) I use the same strategy when playing an Atelier game. I save and then take on a bunch of quests, and if time runs out I reload and try a different strategy with my timing. Kind of time consuming but I hate to fail a quest. So this isn’t one of the Shining games main series?

    • riulyn said,

      This is the only Shining game I have played, and I only got it because it was a cheap RPG. I think it’s separate from the Shining games that got localized but similar to the recent ones on PSP that haven’t been.

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