February 22, 2013

Geneal Update – Fire Emblem: Awakening Happened

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And now I don’t post as often as I did before 🙂 Well, I have also had a few other things increase in my life besides games, like a few more “social links” and some Java class stuff. Did pretty good on that midterm but I’m no programming genius, so I’m not jumping ship on careers yet.

Still, my personal life sucks so let’s continue to talk about games! Like the Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS bundle finally making it into my hands. Progress is slow as a few other games have priority over it, but I’m playing on Hard/Casual which makes me think but I’m sure I’ll let a unit “die” on the battlefield at some point. Mostly I’ve been abusing the in-game save capability, not only to go back a turn or two to make sure my dainty mages don’t die but also sometimes to make sure an action produces those hearts. Yes, I’m a bit too obsessed with increasing support.

I’m playing as a female and I’ve already married Chrom at the end of Chapter 6. I didn’t realize that the love confessions meant marriage. And I’m probably locked out of the other S convos… At least there is no lame 5-support limit like in Sacred Stones. Unless this game has some amazing plot, I don’t think I’m playing through the plot 10+ times.  I will grind my people so they can class change and all love each other and it can be an orgy…if the game allowed it 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m nearing the end of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. I got a little too cocky and careless and so my D Counter is higher than it should be, but not enough to prevent me from finishing the game. Also, I allowed some CrushedHearts to wipe me out recently. Either way, with 3 restarts on my file I believe I’m not missing any scenes except for cleared data scenes. I’m not sure I’ll play this game again, to be honest. I like it and hate it; I enjoy some of the strategy but it also feels quite stressful. The colors aren’t great and the plot is decent but not amazing (to me). There’s bonus/challenge dungeons and stuff but I have a large PS2 backlog which may grow once I splurge on Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: From the New World. And there’s also the Drakengard games, Ar Tonelico, Odin Sphere, Rogue Galaxy…amazing the number of PS2 games.

I’ve also made progress in Xenoblade, but once again doing quests as I know the end is coming and I want to unlock more Heart to Hearts. I will put the hammer down by the end of March, though, since the RPGamer marathon game for April is Okami and I’ll need that Wii. Plus the Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, and Skies of Arcadia Legends (I have a backwards-compatible Wii) are waiting.

Lastly, I’ve made some great progress in Shining Hearts and I think it’s actually a pretty good game for an upper beginner Japanese learner like I am. Lots of features which makes it easy to continue on in the story even if you don’t exactly know what happened. Spell names and bread names are “English” in katakana. There have been only two main instances where I had no clue whatsoever what just happened, and I’m sure I’m nearing the end of this game. Which is good, since I’ll have Ys games to play on the PSP and Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki is coming to my house soon.

I’m pretty bummed that I missed out on the Amazon deal for the 250 GB PS3 but I think I’ll be getting that sometime between April and August. When I’ll actually use it…October so I can replay Xenogears? I have games for the PS3 but not the time…yet.



  1. Joseph said,

    Wow you have lots of interesting games going on right now! I haven’t ever played a Fire Emblem game yet, but maybe I should play the gamecube one. And if you wanted an opinion from me about your backlog, I would recommend anything from the Shadow Hearts series! My brother and I are both going to replay them this year. So much fun. I love games that lots of humor. Still haven’t started up my game in Dragon Quarter but its in my backlog. Sounds like you sort of are enjoying it? lol

  2. riulyn said,

    I’m having a pretty good time playing all sorts of games right now; the only downside is I think about them more than my work… I do think I’ll play those Shadow Hearts games but it’s a matter of when. I hear it’s best to play Shadow Hearts before Covenant so I will try to do that.

    I don’t know if you’d like Dragon Quarter or not, but I think it’s worth a try if you already have it. I’d read up on the SOL system and maybe a D-Counter guide once that is unlocked, if you’re like me and really don’t want to screw yourself over so much that you have to restart from the beginning.

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