April 2, 2013

Con-ed Out

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Sakura-con was great fun, but I am suffering from con hangover. And stupid body and mind aren’t quite connected, so I stayed up too late playing Ys II instead of sleeping last night.

Anyway had a fun weekend remembering that I also love anime and parody of anime probably even more. But JRPGs are #1 in my heart and if there was a convention that focused on JRPGs there wouldn’t be much to do in those panels besides cry about how most of our beloved series are no longer being worked on or are not being localized. Or it could all be about Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Tales…who knows.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Tales, there seemed to be less of the former two in terms of cosplay than the year before and more of the latter. Specifically more Tales of the Abyss cosplay, which was pretty cool to see. I think everyone in the main traveling party was represented somewhere save for Mieu. Yes, there was even Ion! I couldn’t tell at first since the colors of the Ion cosplay outfit weren’t quite what I was expecting, but the hair was spot on. And then the cosplayer talked about being kidnapped by Jade and Natalia, so yep, definitely Ion. There were also some Tales of Symphonia cosplayers but the most popular Tales character this year was Anise.

I managed to bump into 2 of the Suikoden cosplayers so that was awesome, and also was able to compliment the chaos cosplayer. Sasarai was too far away for me to say anything to. I was sad to miss the Fire Emblem: Awakening cosplayers…

Happened to see a bunch of Persona cosplayers as well. A lot of art in the artist alley for Persona 4 as that one has recently gotten Golden treatment and anime love. I didn’t buy any of those but one artist had a bunch of Tales art so I got all 5 of her Tales posters for Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia, Graces, and Xillia. I need to play those latter 2 like now on a PS3 that I need to own now.

Two of the voice actor guests worked on things Tales-related too. It was more Tales-tastic than I expected! Now that I know who voices Asbel in Tales of Graces, I’m going to be noticing it a lot more when I finally get to that game. It’s always kind of funny when you go to a voice actor’s Q&A not knowing too much about him/her and leaving with all this knowledge. These voice actors are in everything, it seems.

Oh, and I picked up a game at this con. Another Castle and Pink Gorilla are at the con and bring a decent number of used and new JRPGs. Was hoping that Shadow Hearts would appear but I got a sealed copy of Shadow Hearts: From the New World for $30, which wasn’t too bad. Considering all the awesome games coming out this year and the two systems I need to still get, I will have to get Shadow Hearts soon and call it a year on buying PS2 games.



  1. Walters said,

    Yeah…cons really wipe you out. I always dreaded the day after cons, it would mean I would resemble a husk, with no soul in it lol But seems you had fun, so it evens out I would hope!

  2. Joseph said,

    I wish there was a jrpg-con lol. Be so sweet! I would dress up like Yuri (Shadow Hearts not Vesperia). Speaking of Shadow Hearts, you really need to play em!:) I am about to replay Covenant for the third time, but still working through the Mass Effect games. Also just started up an old Growlanser title that I am really enjoying.

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