April 18, 2013

PAX, I missed you (but I don’t mind too much)

Posted in video games tagged , , at 9:11 am by riulyn

Last year I did a pretty good job of stalking the PAX twitter feed in order to know when tickets would go on sale. This year I wasn’t so vigilant, but even so, all the tickets were gone before I could have even bought them! Sold out in about 6 hours, even with 4 days of PAX. Crazy, isn’t it?

To be honest, I’m not sure if I would have gone anyway. Yes, it’s pretty awesome to try out the demos for games and talk to some of the indie developers, and the panels get some really awesome guests. However I’ve never been much of a demo person in general, as my primary gaming genre is RPGs and there’s not much you find out from a demo that you can’t from a video. Unless they were action RPGs, which the only 2 I am planning to buy come out before (Muramasa) or soon after (Ys Celceta) PAX. And I’m getting Ys no matter what since I’m a converted fan 🙂 RPG demos, unless they are for indie RPGs, are pretty bad especially if it was like last year when Persona 4 Golden’s demo was more like progressing through the normal game for 10 minutes. Luck of the draw what you got to play. Though those cutscenes looked pretty nice…

In addition, I already have a bunch of games to buy that I know I’ll want and not much money for anything else. Last year I got to feel what a 3DS, a Vita, and the Wii U was like. Since I’m not planning to buy a PS4 anytime soon, there aren’t any new consoles I need to try out. The console has to be really awkward for me to not be able to deal with it. I mean, I don’t care for the Wii mote…or more accurately, I don’t think the Wii mote and I get along (making certain brush techniques in Okami a crapshoot for me), but it’s not going to prevent me from playing games like Pandora’s Tower, which should be arriving in about a week and probably not played until next year. That’s how my backlog is working at the moment…

Anyway whatever many dollars (since I can’t get a ticket anyway, no point at looking at the prices) to get one day of PAX is probably the cost of a game or two (let’s not even mention how many Steam games), and I have more than that to pick up still (maybe this holiday season as a treat to myself). Of course next year might be a better chance as I should be done with buying new systems and I can go back to picking up some miscellaneous PS2 games, DS games, GBA games, and some more Japanese PSP games. If that PS2 dies, I think I will really cry…


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