April 21, 2013

They need to be funny but definitely weird.

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If someone tried to promote two different RPGs to me based on story alone without going into too much detail, I usually tend to go for the one that seems more light-hearted, as that usually equates to more humorous scenes between the characters. The story itself may have its sad moments (I think of plenty of games that I play where wars happen in them and important people die), but if the characters aren’t bantering in the lighter moments, I rather go read fanfics where I can get the banter. I also am rather fond of video game characters making fun of their video game world (fourth wall breaking is fine with me) and things that could only really be in a video game world.

Sometimes, though, I find something rather dark and twisted to be the more interesting story. This is why, despite all the terrible things I’ve heard about the gameplay of Drakengard, I now own a copy of that game. Incest and psychopaths and mass murder? My mixed feeling on incest don’t really belong here and would be a rambly post, but I can definitely say that I tend to stay far away from stories about psychopaths and murdering things just to murder. However adding in the incest actually increased my interest, as I have the feeling the weirdness goes all out. It definitely helped that the writer of Drakengard later wrote NieR, a game that I love quite a lot despite the tragedy. What I learned from NieR was that the writer could make very real and interesting characters out of rather limited dialogue.

So yes, I’m curious about Drakengard because it’s different, but I also think about my love for Xeno and how I don’t just love it for being different. Xeno games can put serious hurt to the characters, have rather mentally unstable protagonists, and have even quite the dark plot event usually involving even more tragedy. I don’t know if my love for Xeno stems from my admiration of the ambition, the fact that I personally wouldn’t write those stories, or the fact that the games makes me pause and just exclaim, “WHAT!? That’s ridiculous!” more times than I can count. I’m expecting a higher than normal count of similar exclamations when I play Drakengard, whenever that time comes.

I also just bought Shadow Hearts. I’m also expecting a high “ridiculous” count for that series.

In other news, I beat Fire Emblem: Awakening. Not as complete of a run as I hoped (didn’t do all the Spot Pass paralogues), but once I was over 100 hours I just felt like I needed to at least see the ending in a relatively reasonable amount of time. Most of the 100 hours was spent doing random battles to grind units and get the support conversations because I obsess over those type of things. There was definitely not 100 hours of interesting plot; I really only found the last few chapters worth paying more than average attention to. I think if the weird was added to the main plot of a Awakening-like game, it could possibly become one of my favorite games ever. If that game already exists, please let me know 🙂



  1. Joseph said,

    I actually just started up a playthrough of Drakengard too, for mostly the same reasons. My only complaint so far is that the easy difficulty is too easy, and normal is too hard (and I’m a pansy). I like it more than I remember though (I played it some quite a few years ago). Also, Shadow Hearts. YES!!! Great combo of humor and dark stuff. I tend to like the story of Shadow Hearts more, but everything else is better in Covenant. Favorite in-game banter? … Would have to go with Dragon Age: Origins. Probably a pretty unconventional answer for a jrpg fan like myself, but I found Alistair pretty enjoyable, and the short comments by your squad as you run around really enhance the immersion into the world. Runner up would be Graces f

    • riulyn said,

      I feel like for Drakengard I’ll just go with easy and just play for the story. I had to order Shadow Hearts online so I won’t get to start it until sometime in May.

      And I need to play Dragon Age games at some point as well. I’m sure I’ll like them. They just sort of fall into the same category as FFXIII games right now; I don’t own them but they are relatively easy to acquire so thus I haven’t bought them yet. One day I will get them…I think…

      • Joseph said,

        One comment about the Dragon Age games: Origins is pretty much excellent all around. Dragon Age 2? Total crap. I don’t even know how they can claim it is a sequel. It’s just all around garbage lol. And I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Shadow Hearts! haha I’m always trying to get people to play them. My brother just started it up and we’ve been having fun talking about it. Neither game is perfect, but for some reason they really resonate with me. The quirkiness factor I think. Did you start up Drakengard yet? Curious to hear your thoughts on the gameplay

      • riulyn said,

        I don’t think I will get to Drakengard any time soon (definitely not this year). I pretty much picked it up while browsing used games and it was relatively cheap. I do plan to play Shadow Hearts in May and/or June so I will have thoughts about that game soon.

      • Joseph said,

        Looking forward to it:P

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