May 19, 2013

Making an Entrance – Shadow Hearts

Posted in video games tagged at 6:52 pm by riulyn

The time has finally come. I have finally started Shadow Hearts! Unfortunately I’m rather tired today so I didn’t even play an hour of it, since otherwise the game is already interesting.

The beginning of the game was pretty awesome. I mean, I don’t really dig blood and gore, but Yuri makes quite an entrance. He gets his turn at looking badass which includes putting his arm back on. And then he is soon blown back through 3 train cars, but that doesn’t seem like much after the arm, you know.

As for gameplay, so far, so good with the Judgment Ring. I failed a bit hard on it for some reason when I needed to get a handle off a sluice gate controller and got Yuri to swear in very PS1-Ps2-style. Also I tried out the Earth Soul that I just got, but it seems like their usefulness will be more obvious later.

Sure, the main reason why I started Shadow Hearts is to know its story before playing Covenant, but Yuri is already a pretty fun guy to mess around with. I have a good feeling about this game.



  1. Joseph said,

    I actually fired up SH yesterday and replayed the intro again as it has been several years since I played it. I was laughing bc I screwed up the handle thing in that same sequence haha. Yeah I think SH has more of a dark tone to it then Covenant, which brings lots of comedy into play. What do you think of the music so far?

    • riulyn said,

      I haven’t gotten far enough in the game to be a fair judge, but so far so good. If I recall correctly, Mitsuda is one of the composers in this game so I’m looking forward to hearing more of the soundtrack.

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