June 4, 2013

Two Months, Two New Gaming Devices

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So, guess what I did since I last posted? I bought a Vita along with Persona 4 Golden. There goes all my June gaming money. Though that’s okay, since my preorders will start coming in early July and not late June like I first thought (since I did Amazon ordering and they send out shipments like a week late). Because of that, I decided to get the Vita now.

I already demoed a few games on the Vita at PAX last year, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m getting into. It was, however, confusing to figure out which one of the Vita bundles came with a memory card or not. I believe the $250 Vita 3G/Wi-Fi bundle on Amazon comes with the 8 GB memory card, so I should be all set to start my P4G adventure. Except my plans are to concentrate on Dark Cloud 2 and Shadow Hearts and try to finish off Lufia: Ruins of Lore even though that game really is a drag.

You know, for me the price of the proprietary memory cards was not a deal breaker for the Vita. About a year ago I had to buy another PS2 memory card and 8 MB was like $12. Of course, I could have bought it from a cheaper place for less money, but $15 for 4 GB is not the worst thing ever. It is, as I stated earlier, really annoying when you can’t figure out whether or not your Vita package actually comes with a memory card or not.

Oh wow, I had no idea that there were 128 MB memory cards for the PS2. Things you learn when you decide to do a little searching… But I’m sure my finicky PS2 would find some way to not use it correctly. It can’t read my Tales of the Abyss disc anymore and it takes like 20 tries to load up Dark Cloud 2. It seems to do pretty well with older games in general, strangely. Like Shadow Hearts usually loads within the first few times. I really hope my PS2 doesn’t break soon. I really don’t want to go 3 and 3.

I mean, I guess I have bought 3 gaming devices this year. I think about all the expenses that I don’t have to pay right now because my parents still treat me like a kid (yay!) like no car/phone bills, no student loans and then the other benefits of being a paid grad student – no health insurance worries, no public transportation costs. It makes me think that my next job may put me in a worse-off situation. So I guess it’s a good thing to get all the consoles this year after all.

The other big change to help offset my gaming costs was to cancel my cable TV subscription last summer. I only watched TV for tennis, so I was paying $90/month to make sure I got tennis channel and a DVR as well as basic cable. That’s like the equivalent of 2+ games/month. Sadly I feel like I’m not really missing something even though I can’t watch tennis on TV anymore. I guess I got burned out or something? It used to be a pretty big part of my life.

Sorry that this post sort of devolved into a bit of bragging about my money (even though I don’t feel like I have tons of money). It’s just I feel so fortunate sometimes yet not really sympathetic to gamers who complain about the cost of gaming if they aren’t willing to put a bit of sacrificing somewhere else. (Of course there is the case where someone can’t do any more sacrificing; then that just sucks.) Then again, I’m a hermit with no little ones or big ones to worry about, so I’m just really self-centered in the end šŸ™‚



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