June 19, 2013

Why do we “let” Final Fantasy games define JRPGs?

Posted in video games tagged , , at 11:02 am by riulyn

Start a topic, write an editorial or a blog, just slap the word “Final Fantasy” somewhere in your post or tag it and suddenly you get all the hits, all the “discussion”, a huge load of comments. Start a topic about “Suikoden”, “Xeno-“, “Tales of” and suddenly it feels to be reduced to the hardcore fans of those series and a few curious outsiders.

Not that I blame Final Fantasy for being popular. It’s a series that doesn’t touch the “immediately love” buttons for me but I respect it and it does some things well.

I just find it interesting that it’s not only the hardcore fans of Final Fantasy that come out to discuss any Final Fantasy article but the hardcore haters, the bystanders, the casuals, like everyone who visits a gaming website ever unless they decide to avoid all FF things. Suddenly discussion about everything from game mechanics, story, characters, graphics, and music occur, but under the thread name containing “Final Fantasy”. On the outside, wouldn’t that look like Final Fantasy is the only JRPG series that we care about?

I’m not saying we need to reduce the popularity of Final Fantasy but rather, I’d like for more people to read articles and discuss the other RPGs that are coming out. Like Atelier games or Tales games or SMT or Ys or like the 500 others that I can’t even list out or this post would be humongous. Write more about those other JRPGs that you love, even if you only get a few hits at first. Stop asking for Final Fantasy to become everything you want but ask the genre as a whole. Stop betting everything about JRPGs on Final Fantasy.

It’s okay that Final Fantasy made JRPGs a viable genre outside of Japan, but we don’t need it to be the sole life source too. Because if that’s the case, if Final Fantasy falls, then we really are screwed.


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  1. Joseph said,

    Tales of Xillia:) can’t wait!!!

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