June 26, 2013

Personal Post – All the things in progress

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I don’t think you have to read many entries here or know me for too long before you know that I’m a goal/achievement-driven person. Also, I tend to set way too many goals, but it doesn’t get me down if I don’t achieve them all. I feel like I do a better job than most people I know of actually going after the many goals I have, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing as I become acquainted with many things and expert at nothing. At least, it doesn’t seem like a good way to find a job.

Anyway, here’s my list of life goals and (lack of) progress:

1. Making enough money to retire. Ermm, I’ll need to get that first real job before I can think about that. And I still haven’t decided where I even want to go with my career. I’m supposed to graduate in 5 months and I feel pretty screwed. At least I have a LinkedIn profile?

Percentage completion = 0%

Estimated years to completion = 30+

2. Learning 10 languages to basic reading comprehension. I have language wanderlust and not the best studying schedule, so I haven’t made the most straightforward progress here, though lately I have actually focused on Japanese. If I go back to German and Russian I should pick those up okay in like a year or less. The problem is narrowing down the rest that I’ll really want. Portuguese, French, and Portuguese interest me but I can haphazardly guess through a lot of it. I liked Serbian and Croatian but will probably stick to one form, and I plan to pick up one of the Nordic languages after learning German. I obviously should do something with the barebones Mandarin I know since it’s my relatives’ language, and I did find Malaysian interesting when I dabbled into it. Finding 10 languages to learn is the easy part, though. Practice, practice, practice is the harder part. All that vocabulary especially…

Percentage completion = 20% (English & Spanish)

Estimated years to completion = 10-20

3. Making my own game. A relatively recent goal is to do something beyond a RPGmaker game. Taking two programming classes and liking them was definitely a help, but realizing I really need some animation experience is sort of a bummer. I may end up sticking with a RPGmaker game in the end, but first I’m letting my ideas fly as I have yet to put any serious work/planning into a game yet. Also, a secondary goal is to write the soundtrack for the game and I haven’t made any songs I deem worthy enough of putting into a game. I’ve been playing around with making town themes but nothing is good enough yet…

Percentage completion = 0%

Estimated years to completion = 10 to no idea whatsoever

4. Knitting something for my own wedding. Well, I don’t plan to get married but this was a goal for a while, so I will put it down. I guess I can’t predict the future 100%, but 25 years and no romantic relationships and dwindling attraction towards people in general suggests that I am too self-centered and comfortable with my independence to need a marriage or seek one out. Nothing wrong with that, of course 🙂

Percentage completion = 0%

Estimated years to completion = never to complete?

5. Making 500 video game sheets. So I’m just over 300 right now and 500 sounds like an awesome number. However I’ve recently not been in the mood to work on sheet music and I have about 300 sheets that I need to fix as well. I used to work at about 20 sheets/year but I don’t think that’s going to be the future rate. I still think it’d be cool to reach 500, but I really shouldn’t do that by decreasing the quality and the fun.

Percentage completion = ~60%

Estimated years to completion = 15+

6. Beating 100+ RPGs. When I started joining RPG forums and paying attention to other people’s thoughts on RPGs and gaming in general, I just felt like my (at that time) “measly” beaten list of like 45 games was a bit too low for someone who feels like a JRPG generalist. Therefore I set a goal of 100 to feel like I’ve actually experienced a greater bit of the genre. That’s probably why I’ve been gaming so much more than I used to. Well, besides the fact that I remembered that gaming is hella fun. It’s been nice to expand into the genre, playing more Action RPGs, Tactical RPGs… Even dungeon crawlers don’t sound bad anymore. The one thing I’m lacking is a Baldur’s Gate or Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect type game. I hope to play something like that next year when I’m not doing a super PS2 and Suikoden replay marathon. (Though next year I plan to replay the Xenosaga games…)

Percentage completion = ~70%

Estimated years to completion = 1-3


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