July 23, 2013

Q2 Round Up

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Once again April-June was filled with JRPGs and I finished quite a few during this time period. Because this post is so massive, it’s late. Well, and other games got in the way…

April beaten: Okami, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Suikoden 2

May beaten: Ys II, The World Ends With You, Persona 3 Portable (female)

June beaten: Dark Cloud 2, Shadow Hearts, Suikoden 3

Below are some thoughts on each beaten game, done in alphabetical order.

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July 3, 2013

Flashy and Flashier

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Time to brag. FINALLY Muramasa Rebirth and Project X Zone came in. They both look awesome on their respective systems. They both play smoothly so far and I am totally just mashing buttons without really knowing what I am doing, but whatever. I’ll figure stuff out…sometime.

Project X Zone (pronounce that “X” as cross) doesn’t care about the plot. They all know each other and portals everywhere, so what? In like the 1 hour I’ve been able to put in so far (still tutorialing), each add onto the combat system not only adds more ways to damage the enemies but more flash and special attacks. There’s also a good chunk of fanservice, both in terms of fan favorite characters and boobs. Haven’t paid too much attention to jiggle physics yet but I’m sure they factor in somewhere. The sprites and 3D effects are similar to Fire Emblem: Awakening’s. Pretty subtle and not really necessary, but I’ve kept 3D on for now.

Meanwhile Muramasa Rebirth looks amazing on the Vita screen. I played a little bit of the Wii version (will probably drop it out of my backlog since my Wii backlog is long enough) and the colors and so much more vibrant in the Vita version. Makes me wonder if anyone has played/basked in Okami on a Vita. I love having a jump button though sometimes I jump instead of talking to people. Since talking is so frightening lol… (Actually it’s just me and my failure at games.)

I can also “study” Japanese since Project X Zone and Muramasa Rebirth have Japanese voices, though the voices are a little too quiet for me and kind of slow. But then again, Japanese conjugations and such make everything longer.

Lastly, Shadow Hearts: Covenant worked again so I finally started that. Battle system feels faster and flashier than the first. The only “major” downgrade is Yuri’s lack of trenchcoat. The game already starts off with references to the first game, so I am very glad that I played that game first. It’s all those little things that count.

Oh, and in Tales of Graces f I have Accel mode for everyone now. Wow, everything really is getting flashier and flashier 🙂


July 1, 2013

Hello, Atelier Iris!

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In about a week and a half, I should have the Atelier Iris trilogy waiting at my doorstep. So of all the games I could buy and have yet to buy, why those games?

Personal interest in series + personal recommendation = buy when you realize you have spare money for games

Or you make yourself have spare money for games by skimping on other things 🙂

Anyway, the Atelier series definitely flew under the radar during my earlier gaming years. The price of the PS2 games aren’t too bad even new (cheaper than getting newer games) and my PS2 apparently can never get enough games, ever. I guess these PS2 purchases are being made instead of the PS3 purchases. I guess it isn’t showing much support for this niche series since people care about recent sales, the full-price ones paid within the first month or so, but the things I’m dying to get are preordered. And I haven’t developed trust for Gust yet, as I haven’t played any Gust games before. So I’m going to go with what I hear is good and also relatively inexpensive, and hopefully develop that positive opinion.

Also, it doesn’t help that 1) I’m still waiting for Project X Zone and Muramasa Rebirth. Those games are both in my city but not at my doorstep yet! 2) Shadow Hearts: Covenant was being uncooperative…or rather, my PS2 was being really picky today so I ended up spending a few hours with Wild ARMs 4 instead. I think I’ll end up playing that series backwards, since I’m saving WA3 for the RPGamer marathon. Once you start a trend it’s just more fun to stick with it, even if it is strange.

I do plan to play Atelier Iris in order though I read that it might be better to play 2 before 1? If it’s like a Lufia 2 before Lufia 1 recommendation then I will seriously consider it, though I don’t really want to read too much into the situation for potential spoilers. Just if someone happens to read this blog and knows the answer, then please leave me a comment about it 🙂