August 11, 2013

Tales of Xillia so far

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I’m not that far in Tales of Xillia but I feel like blogging more often so the 2 people who read my blog have more things to read. So far so good. I can’t really comment on the quality of the game as a whole but it does start off a bit slowly. I’m still getting tutorials 4 hours in and I only have 3 characters. I don’t feel like a ton has happened in the plot yet either. I started off as Milla but supposedly Jude’s story path is more straightforward, so I am strongly considering starting a new playthrough with him. Even if I think I’ll like Milla better as a character in the end.

Battle system so far is smooth overall but I find having a TP and a CC gauge to be pretty confusing. At this point I have paid no attention to the CC gauge and worry about my TP. The way I’ve been growing my Lilion for each character (has been a pretty general start from the center and spiral outward for the most part), I’ve been getting new artes that take up a good chunk of my TP. Auto-item is nice since you can have your characters auto-use orange gels (or other items) up until you only have a certain number of orange gels left. I haven’t changed strategy for my other party members yet as battles have been pretty easy for the most part. I’ve moved up to Moderate but I may go higher so battles take more than 20 seconds of hitting X. Linking is cool so far but it seems that I haven’t unlocked its true potential yet. Mostly linking has been great for the special artes you can unleash once you fill up certain amounts of the link gauge and for regaining your linked partner’s TP (or your own, depending on how you play) faster. Jude seems to drain out his TP all the time for some reason…

Characters-wise, Jude is like the typical Tales protagonist (young, idealistic, asking questions) but at least he also comes with some book smarts. Alvin must find Jude incredibly “cute” as he seems to manhandle Jude all the time Inigo of FE:A would be incredibly jealous. Milla so far is “not so human” but done in a good way. Unlike some previous non-human Tales characters, she doesn’t suffer from “amnesia” and isn’t a child; she has an interesting way of seeing the world/thinking that comes off as logical even though it is different. Her voice was weird at first but I like it a lot now. Milla in general takes some time to get used to, both in an audiovisual sense and gameplay-wise. I haven’t tried the others yet as I still find Milla interesting to use.

I love how they did the map for this game. It marks down the spawn points and the treasure chests you have used, so it can be fun to mark the map. It doesn’t seem to mark chests that you have opened but didn’t take the things out of, which is a little unfortunate. So far those chests have only contained Apple gels for me, which seem to be dropped in high frequency from monsters.

Titles give you Grade in this game, so I guess it’s useful later. Lilion (Tales’ answer to the sphere grid) is the way to enhance your characters’ stats and learn skills. At 3 GP per level gained, you can learn new skills and artes almost every level and not have the capacity to equip all the skills. I guess that’s a better problem to have then to have not enough skills and artes to play around with.

Music-wise, I don’t really care for it. The regular battle theme is kind of mediocre. I am hoping that the soundtrack is better than Tales of Graces’, but I can’t tell so early on.

And that’s it for now! I’m more focused on Wild ARMs 3 than Tales of Xillia so I may not have updated thoughts on Xillia for a while. As for Wild ARMs 3, I feel like it started off much better than 4 and 5, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I can certainly feel the Wild ARMs style coming through, which makes me confident that I’ll enjoy 1 and 2 when that time comes.



  1. Robert said,

    When you get party member 4, linking with them is a great way to keep your TP up even when using a lot of artes. Plus with four members you can have everyone linked with someone.

    Here’s something that took me a while to figure out for some reason. You know your area attacks? You can move the area, even if it normally focuses on whoever you are targeting. I’ve found this incredibly useful for blowing stuff up with Milla.

    Visually I like the game, music wise I don’t mind it and voice wise everything seems to be pretty good. I am tired of hear Jude say stuff like “is fighting the only way?” when fighting vicious man-eating monsters that attack you on sight. Yes Jude, fighting is the only way.

    • riulyn said,

      I’ll have to try that with Milla. As for the win-quotes, I feel like there aren’t enough for the amount of fighting I’ve already done. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Graces but I don’t remember win quotes being nearly so repetitive in that game.

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