August 27, 2013

Well I’m going to PAX after all…

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I guess I know some of the right people on the Internet, because I have gotten passes through a friend of a friend and will be doing the full 4 days this year.

Once again I’m not sure there’s anything in particular that I’m looking forward to at PAX. Sure, there will be PS4s and Xbox Ones and stuff, but I’m not planning to buy any of those systems anytime soon. It’s not like there will be an X demo or SMT x Fire Emblem or really too much in terms of Japanese RPGs. Not like there should be, since I know JRPGs are a niche and I think only Square-Enix would come to PAX with JRPGs. Still there may be a few to demo in the Sony or Nintendo booths, so I have that. And there are indie RPGs all over, I believe.

I feel kind of bad when it comes to indie RPGs. Since they are all digital, I haven’t bought any unless they’ve been on a huge sale because when it’s digital, I can buy it any time since it won’t become rare. There are no preorder bonuses that I’d care for for digital products like an artbook. Yes, I do like my mini artbooks. Music CDs aren’t really necessary since if I love a soundtrack, I’ll want the entire OST.

So PAX is more for me about playing all the other types of games that I don’t play because I spend most of the year playing JRPGs. One day that might change, but not this year or the next. On my way to the lab today i saw an ad for Project Diva on a bus so maybe I can demo that at PAX? As much as I want to support something like that (more localizations please), I don’t know if that type of game is my type of game.

Since I have 4 days, I can also go to some panels! On Friday I may hit the localization panel, but it’s not a high priority. On Saturday the panel on White Knights and Trolls happens again. I watched the video of that panel from PAX East and it was quite entertaining, so I’m looking forward to that. Besides, it happens after the expo hall is closed anyway. On Sunday there’s the OCRemix panel that I plan to go to even though I don’t do much at that site and have never made a real remix. The Final Fantasy panel will depend on my mood, as well as the video game music trivia panel. I’m not the hugest FF fan and I’ve not played a good chunk of FF games (though I doubt the panel will really be about anything other than the main line series, which is kind of sad but whatever). As for video game music trivia, you know that I really only know JRPG music. It might be cool to see how much JRPG music makes it into the trivia game. Suikoden, Shadow Hearts, or Ys music would be pretty cool. If I’m still around, I could go to the crafting panel. I really only knit when I do stuff, and I’ve only really thought of knitting Jacques’ (Suikoden 3) or Lorelai’s (Suikoden 5 in particular) sweaters. One day I’ll cosplay a Suikoden character…maybe? Monday there’s a 3 decades of video game music panel which I may or may not go to, or I might wander into the board gaming world. Who knows.

Unlike Sakuracon, there aren’t really any late nights planned, so I might spend my nights with my comfort games. I have so many in progress that I even played some Magna Carta again after 6 months or so of not playing it. Who knows how long my PS2 will be willing to play it. I’m trying to put off buying another one because I may move in a few months and having to pack up another console…


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