September 10, 2013

Wanderlust with a purpose

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Starting games and not finishing them? Usually that’s a bad thing, since you’ve paid all that money, begged your friends, and/or have limited time to play the game. But this weekend I decided to engage in some good wanderlust. The type of wanderlust that allows you to play a bit of a bunch of games you haven’t played before but you own and you need to really know what they are about.

So here’s what I started and dabbled with this past week or so:

Drakengard – I want to like this game more, but I am fighting the controls and the enemies. Also, blocking doesn’t decrease damage taken a ton. Even on Easy I am stuck in Chapter 3. I did some free missions and got another weapon from one of them, but ultimately those heavy-armored guys with clubs are my biggest weakness and I might have to master dodge-rolling instead. I’m not particularly good at action rpgs but at least with Ys games I feel like I’m in control. Here I probably button mash too much without really knowing what I’m doing wrong.

X-men Legends – Not particularly good at this game either, and wish there was some kind of block button. I love the idea of being able to combo a lot of things and switching between 4 characters on the fly. The problem I have already is that I used the 4 recommended characters for the first scenario and I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with all those different characters. Also, I’m not sure what to think of Alison yet.

Atelier Iris 2 – As recommended, I started with the second game of the trilogy. It doesn’t seem like I needed the first one yet (at least 3 hours in). Systems seem pretty simple and I like the switching so far. Feel like I can do side stuff with one character when I switch over while the other is the “main” for that chapter. Well, only 5 eps in, so we’ll see how this progresses. I do feel like the game is really easy at the moment. I also accidentally synthesized 99 heal herbs at the beginning but getting materials seems super easy at the moment. The only thing is that I don’t have all the money in the world to buy everything yet, but I’m sure there are ways around that in the future.

Breath of Fire (GBA version) – I feel the standards of SNES RPGs just oozing out of this game. It’ll probably serve those times where I kind of just want to grind through a game and not have plot/dialogue get much in the way. Though soon after I repicked up SMT 4, which is serving that purpose a bit more than BoF. But I see myself playing this game every once in a while. Hopefully more often than DQ 9…

Ar tonelico; Melody of Elemia – Another Gust game and it kind of shares a lot with Atelier Iris 2 on the surface. Only played about an hour but Lyner has immediately acted like the stereotype JRPG protagonist to the fullest. He looks kind of like Cloud Strife of Kingdom Hearts verse but acts more like Cless of Tales of Phantasia? Kind of like Atelier Iris 2, lots of save points and crafting and so far so easy. I think I’ll like the game (world seems interesting except “viruses” are totally not like that at all) but because it’s so like Atelier Iris 2, I think this one will be played later.

So in conclusion, I’ve not eliminated any of these games from the backlog because they suck, but I think I’ll go back to putting more actiony hours into Tales of Xillia and focus more on Atelier Iris 2 out of these games. I should also either start my replay of Suikoden Tactics or drag out Growlanser 2 since I’m not actually playing a tactical RPG right now. Or finish off Ephraim’s path in Sacred Stones. Hmm…


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