December 2, 2013

5 of my favorite JRPG “bromances”

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I’m limiting it to 1 per series, or this entire list would be Suikoden ones 😀

1. Viktor & Flik (Suikoden 1 & 2 and Suikogaidens). This is the life partnership/bromance/etc. that any classic Suikoden fan thinks of when the topic is brought up, and it’s my favorite from the Suikoden series. It doesn’t hurt that their relationship is featured quite a bit in the main scripts of Suikoden 1 & 2. For me, the relationship between Viktor and Flik combines a good amount of teasing, bragging, and serious emotional understanding/support of each other when those times are necessary. Also, the bath scripts involving these 2 are classic.

2. Shulk & Reyn (Xenoblade Chronicles). This friendship has the added charm of watching Shulk and Reyn grow both physically and emotionally more capable over the course of the game. They both get better at expressing their doubts and relying on each other, despite the whole “vulnerable feeling” these actions may sometimes bring. It’s a feel-good, support for life type of friendship.

3. Sora & Riku (Kingdom Hearts series). This friendship highlights trust/belief (esp. Sora) and protectiveness (esp. Riku) of one’s friends. Also, despite a potential love triangle involving Kairi, I find the Sora/Riku to be the strongest of the three sides (and their relationship is sort of ambiguously romantic/platonic).

4. Adol & Dogi (Ys series). I love this friendship because Adol gets himself into a lot of trouble while traveling (Adol is a trouble magnet for sure) and instead of being overly protective/restrictive, Dogi rather teasingly scolds Adol for being so troublesome. Dogi is really like an older brother to Adol.

5. Yuri & Flynn (Tales of Vesperia). Most male friendships in JRPGs (and many other media) involve a rivalry of some sort, and Yuri and Flynn are no exception. This friendship stands out in my mind particularly because despite having strikingly different philosophies towards justice/honor/etc., they believe in each other as good people. They don’t really actively rely on each other since the rivalry mentality makes them want to look “cool” in front of each other, but they know each other so well that they try their best to cover for each other’s weaknesses.



  1. Joseph said,

    Why must you keep reminding me that I haven’t played suikoden 2? Lol. Great list btw, interesting that you don’t see that many games playing off that kind of relationship.

  2. Tara-Chan said,

    Flik and Viktor FTW! Those two really are awesome, and their bath scenes are hilarious! Oh, man, makes me want to play Suikoden 1 and 2 again!

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