December 2, 2013

Japan video game shopping plans

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In a few days I’m off to Japan! It’s been almost impossible for me to concentrate on anything school/work-related, but gaming is still a pretty good distraction from thinking hard about the future/personal life/etc. I’ll probably be regretting the ridiculous number of hours I put into video games these past few weeks/months starting in March or so next year, but I also have to fight the stress that comes with thinking about that. I’ll fight in again starting in January…

Anyway, I don’t want to buy a lot of video games in Japan but there are a few things I’m interested in picking up if I see at the right price.

  • Suikogaidens 1 & 2. I don’t see myself getting it other than used, since they are PS1 games. I think buying it at a retro shop in Japan will be less costly and stressful than eBay.
  • Tales of Vesperia for PS3. Thinking of getting this used if I see it for under 2000 Yen. I’m not sure how low used game prices can get in Japan. I still might bite if it is under 3000 Yen.
  • An otome/GL/BL game. Tokimeki Memorial is probably what I’d get (it’s an otome) since it’s highly rated and also long (and also complicated…eep). I’m sticking to something for PSP or Vita, though, even though I could probably emulate a Japanese PS2 and run PC games. I just like the idea of romancing while lying on my bed.
  • Not video games, but I hope to find official Suikoden 3 and Suikoden Tierkreis OSTs. They are no longer stocked by PlayAsia, etc. I might also get the Xenosaga soundtracks depending on how much money I want to spend, since those are also relatively hard to get.

Otherwise, even if I have to spend a bit more money, I’ll probably continue to import Japanese games at a slow rate. I’m still working on Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki and will probably go through the Suikoden I & II for PSP before I contemplate buying more Japanese games besides the ones mentioned above. That means I’ll be putting off purchases of FF Type-0, Sol Trigger, etc. for a good while still. Maybe by then one of those will get localized…



  1. Joseph said,

    Have a great time in Japan, looking forward to hearing all about it! Vesperia would be a great ps3 title. Wish the Japanese version has English subtitles lol. I would probably lose my mind looking at all the jrpgs available that I haven’t played yet. In any case, have fun!!!

  2. Tara-Chan said,

    I am so jealous! You have a wonderful time in Japan! I need to go back there again đŸ˜€

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