December 26, 2013

I bought a lot of things in Japan

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It would take me forever to photograph it all, but yes I spent a lot of money. Used game and game soundtrack prices truly enticed me. With all my purchases, I shouldn’t need to import for a few years at least, hopefully.

My final game haul of 14 games:

  • 2 Vita games – Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R. Paid about $30 US for each.
  • 2 DS games – Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 1st Love (otome game) and 7th Dragon
  • 7 PSP games – Final Fantasy Type-0, Frontier Gate (for ~$5 US), Hakuisei Ren’ai Shoukougun (visual novel, GL), Hanakisou (BL game, my most expensive purchase at ~$35 US), Shining Wind, Sol Trigger, Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X (also only 500 Yen)
  • 2 PS1 games – Suikogaidens 1 & 2. Vol. 2 was tough to find so I bought it at the first place I saw it, only to find it later at a Book Off in Osaka for ~$2.50 US. Argh!!!! (Also Suikoden II isn’t particularly hard to find and one place had it for 200 Yen/~$2 US!)
  • 1 PS3 game – Nier Replicant for ~$15 US. Tales of Vesperia for PS3 was not seen less than $30 used, sadly, so I didn’t buy it.

My final soundtrack haul of 7:

  • Final Fantasy XI
  • Persona 3 and 4
  • Tales of the Abyss
  • Wild ARMs 3 and 4
  • Xenosaga I (for ~$9.50 US!)

My friend and I hit gaming stores in Tokyo and Osaka mainly, though many of my good finds were found in Book Offs scattered in different neighborhoods. Akihabara (Akiba for short, area is in Tokyo) was my most expensive day and where I managed to find Hanakisou for the only time (in a chain called Trader). Otherwise, prices for games were the best for me at Book Off if I found the game there. Mandarakes sometimes had pretty good selection too. Den den town (area in Osaka) wasn’t quite as good as Akiba but I had already bought most of my games by then. The Mandarake in Shibuya was where I got lucky enough to get NieR Replicant for $15 when it was usually ~$30. Used games come in pretty good condition usually and the markdown for NieR Replicant was for a “B” condition case. Mandarakes were great for me and my friend because it was usually good places for doujinshi buying. I didn’t wander into the “doujinshi aimed towards males” section but rather the “doujinshi aimed towards females” section so I mostly got BL stuff. Suikoden is decently represented in my doujin haul and usually had a section if the store was big enough. Of course the FF and Tales sections were big but what surprised me was the large amount of Inazuma Eleven stuff.

I also visited the Konami Style store in Midtown/Roppongi on Monday and didn’t see the Suikoden soundtracks I hoped to see. However, I picked up the Suikoden V novelization so it wasn’t a completely empty trip. The store had a decent amount of traffic but didn’t really have a ton of stuff on the shelves. They are currently pimping Winning Eleven.

Gaming wasn’t represented in the capsule machines but I still spent quite a bit of coins on capsule toys because I’m into Kuroko no Basuke. I got two Persona 4 capsule toys (keychain figures for Naoto and Yosuke) but it was due to the animation. While browsing figure shops the only games represented that didn’t have animes were FF and Kingdom Hearts games.

We didn’t spent a ton of time at arcades, but we did hit the huge Sega store in Ikebukuro (where we stayed the first week in Japan) and played some Mario Kart and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Superhold or whatever it was called. I was unlucky and couldn’t figure out how to lower the difficulty of my computer opponent while my friend played on easy and kicked major ass as Yosuke. I did get to try out Junpei but Kanji was kicking my ass too fast for me to see how Junpei really plays.

We did some karaoke which was especially fun for my friend who is currently obsessed with Jpop idols. I managed to recall and karaoke a bunch of JRPG songs, doing a bunch of FF songs, “Simple and Clean” from KH, and some Tales songs and even the ending song from Chrono Cross, which was somehow not obscure enough that it could be found on a karaoke machine. I guess it was a good thing that I became obsessed with “progress” from Tales of Xillia since that was probably my favorite to karaoke. I would have loved to do some Xenogears/saga karaoke but it was not meant to be.

I think that was all the gaming-related activities I did in Japan? I did other stuff too but this post is already quite long. My Japanese knowledge from beginner podcasts and my buried deep Mandarin knowledge was much more helpful than Japanese gained from video games, but we managed most of the time. I guess I look Japanese enough to be the “Japanese friend taking my American friend around Japan”. Maybe next time I’ll enough Japanese to pass as that…



  1. Tara-Chan said,

    I am so jealous! I miss Otome Road so much in Ikebukuro. I need to get my butt back there one day.

    And Hana Ki Sou? I read the manga, but I had no idea it was based off a BL Otome game! I learned something new today 🙂

    • riulyn said,

      Otome Road is pretty amazing 😀 I think I’m pretty well-stocked for a while, but if I had a lot more money and space I would have had no problems buying a lot more.

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