January 5, 2014

2014 Goals

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My 2014 goals are few but pretty major.

  1. Graduate
  2. Get a job
  3. Beat more games than I buy
  4. Make some more sheet music
  5. Not allow my apartment to get as messy as it did last year

The world runs on money, so replacing my grad school income with something else is the major thing for the year. It’s good and bad to be graduating; there’s the potential for earning more money or doing something more interesting, but I also have to take more responsibility and there may also be a significant time between grad school and the next career thing. I’ve already ranted on this before, so I’ll stop here.

My game-buying plans are pretty modest at the moment. I plan to just preorder Bravely Default, Drakengard 3, Trails in the Sky 2, Tales of Xillia 2, and “X” (if that releases, but not getting a Wii U yet) this year if I don’t get a job this year. I don’t think Persona 5 will come out this year? I also have Sorcery Saga to order once I return to Seattle. Once I get a job I hope to return to buying 1-3 games/month. I have a pretty long list of games I’d still like to pick up. And one day I hope to buy games other than RPGs more regularly.

Because I plan to be somewhat light on the game buying side, I hope to make a decent dent in my backlog. I’ve just beaten Dragon Quest IX, reducing my backlog to 72 games at the moment (at least according to my Backloggery). There’s no way I’ll beat 72 games this year, but something around 20 should be doable. Oh wait, my brother just gifted me two more games for my laptop. It’s tough keeping track of digitally-purchased games… That reminds me that a good chunk of my backlog is Steam games…

I hope to replay a few games this year as well. Last year I did an okay job covering the Suikoden main series, just running out of steam after Suikoden IV so I didn’t end up playing Tactics. This year I hope to replay the Xenosaga trilogy and Xenogears. Also, I plan to replay some games while I participate in the RPGamer marathon (or whatever it is called). I don’t plan to buy any games in order to play along except maybe Legend of Dragoon off of PSN, but I will be replaying Chrono Cross this month, the Last Story in April (via New Game+), and The World Ends With You in December (also New Game+). I hope my Japanese is good enough for NieR Replicant (instead of NieR Gestallt which is what came over to the U.S.) in November. I’m currently doing okay with Tales of Innocence R, so combined with familiarity with NieR Replicant’s overall plot it should be fine.

In terms of backlogged games that I want to beat this year, the RPGamer challenge actually covers some games I really need to play like Radiant Historia, Radiata Stories, and Resonance of Fate (which all start with “R” haha). I also need to finally conquer Valkyria Chronicles (and possibly get to the sequel). Crap, I just realized I didn’t look for Valkyria Chronicles 3 in Japan…oh well. Anyway, I would also like to get through the Atelier Iris trilogy and maybe the Ar tonelico games. There’s enough similarity between the battle systems in those games for me to not want to be playing an Atelier and an Ar tonelico game at the same time. If I have extra money at some point this year I think I’d like to get some of the Atelier games for PS3. Just have to do that research when that time comes.

If I’m feeling tactical, I really should finish Disgaea and decide whether I get the others for portables at some point. I still have Tactics Ogre which is lost in my now sizeable PSP backlog and Growlanser 2 & 3 remakes on PS2. I personally don’t see myself making too much of a dent in my tactics game backlog, though.

As for non-RPGs, I should be starting up 999 soon. Otherwise, I’m more likely to pop in one of those visual novel romance games I got in Japan than the two Zelda games that I have or get to my non-RPG games on Steam. If I get a job then I’ll be highly tempted to buy the Ace Attorney games and marathon them. Otherwise this year will be light on the non-RPGs as well.

Anyway, I’m hoping that 2014 is a good year for all of us, both in gaming and in general 😀