February 6, 2014

Life got in the way

Posted in life, video games at 2:21 pm by riulyn

It’s been a while since I updated, but only one major thing has changed. I finished off my draft of my dissertation and I scheduled a dissertation defense. Going to a funeral last weekend put me behind a few days but I still have about 4 weeks to get ready for that part, which hopefully my reading committee gives me the go-ahead for. Yeah, I technically need them to say I’m ready to go, but it’s impossible to schedule something so short notice so I’m getting a space and time reserved at least.

I didn’t get to game as much as I would have liked to these past few weeks, but I did manage to wander off on a detour and do one run-through of Shadows of Destiny. To my surprise, this was a game written by Junko Kawano, who is more famous among RPG fans as the Suikoden character designer and the head writer/producer of Suikoden IV. Aka people like her art but not her writing. But I ended up enjoying Shadows of Destiny. It seemed to have a good vibe and an interesting story, though it wasn’t exactly standout or thought-provoking. I don’t play a lot of games of that genre, so I can’t say if it is a great game of that genre or not.

Otherwise, I did a 30-hour-ish Chrono Cross replay and I’ve put decent hours into Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, Tales of Innocence R, and Sorcery Saga.  I’m near the end of all three of those games but I’ll probably write up about all of them separately once I finish with them. They are all worthy of individual posts for different reasons. In short, I like all three games but they all have their issues which means I can’t auto-recommend them to people.

In other news, I have about a week to wait for Bravely Default since I did free shipping from Amazon. I haven’t touched the demo but I was too busy to do so before. I’ll probably spend this next week finishing one of those three games I mentioned and maybe playing more Ar Tonelico. Of course I still have to do work and get back to searching for jobs…but at least those 10-12 hours/day working on my dissertation are done.


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