March 11, 2014

Very Initial Sol Trigger Thoughts

Posted in video games tagged , at 6:29 am by riulyn

I just started up Sol Trigger (after getting 3 more endings in Hana Ki Sou and realizing I died super early in my first playthrough of the game…) and it begins with a long animated movie. WITHOUT SUBTITLES! As someone who figures out Japanese best with audio and text, it meant I really didn’t know what was going on. I mean, things were happening, but why?

I think of other portable games I have played that had movies without subtitles – Persona 4 Golden and Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. I just wonder why they do this? Especially for a portable game, you’d think people sometimes are playing these games in public where they can’t do the audio, right? I guess I can’t just get away with learning to read Japanese then…

Anyway, Sol Trigger certainly looks to be an interesting game. If I understood anything from the beginning of the game, the group of you are like “terrorists” or “rebels” (depends on how you look at them) in a society which was about to sacrifice some people, you bombed the power sources and freed the sacrifices? Someone in your group dies within the first half hour. Also I think all the ladies of the group are attracted to you to some degree – you have childhood supportive friend, young girl who also kind of looks at you as an older brother as well, and the maybe-older lady who is interested in your “golden sol” or whatever that is. Yes, I don’t really get what “Sol”, “Sol Trigger” and all that is yet, even though the game has made some explanations for it. Just goes over my head at the moment.

Other than explanations for terminology I don’t understand, the language used in the game is pretty straightforward. No “over-the-top” usage of kanji as in Hana Ki Sou and not quite the military terminology of Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki yet. Hopefully I’ll get to spend a good chunk of the game playing it and not next to a dictionary.

I guess I should touch upon the battle system, but it is so early that I know it will change on me. But anyway, it is turn-based with the view being first-person or where you don’t see your characters until they do an attack (visually like DQ8). You can see which order people will get their turns (up to 5 icons at the moment?) and how soon your next turn will be based on what action you plan to take. You can have up to 4 characters in your battle party. I don’t think you can do a front or back row? Anyway you have skills and you level them up by using them. Leveling them up means you can power them up even more when you want to use them by expanding a bit more “sol” (the apparent equivalent of MP or TP). I think the armor saleslady said that skills can change depending on your weapon? I will confirm that for you later.

So once again, I’m intrigued by the game but I wish I understood more of it! I sense a bit of anime trope-ness in the characters and their relationships, but the premise and world certainly look interesting. Now that I’ve passed my exams (only a few things I need to do to get that Ph.D.), I can slack some more and play games without feeling guilty!


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