March 21, 2014

Wild ARMs 2 so far

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I’ve been slowly making my way through Wild ARMs 2 as I have been majorly distracted by a multitude of other games. Even so, at the 12-ish hour point I feel like I should have already found something to care about in this game. However, I struggle to say a lot of positive things about this Wild ARMs.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with this game. The music is fine. The battle system is a pretty standard turn-based system, where you select your commands at the beginning of the turn and watch them play out. The puzzles are fine and the dungeons are short (so far). Actually, for a PS1 game there’s a decent number of save points (though you can’t save on the world map). You can cheat the encounter rate somewhat by using the square button (to scan on the world map or to use your tool) to block the regular, white encounters. Wild ARMs 3 is pretty much the same as Wild ARMs 2 in many ways, and I really liked that game.

However, I struggle to care about the cast. Idealistic young men and women as the main cast is nothing new to JRPGs, but I find that this is usually counteracted by some more mature or at least pessimistic outlook by others. Instead, people are just being so obviously used and extreme things happen and your party is just cool with all that? Wild ARMs 4 had a lot of “stupidity” in its plot but at least it was acknowledged? I guess a lot of people prefer the fact that this party, unlike in many other JRPGs, doesn’t really gab a lot. At the same time, the characters are so flat that I need them to talk so I can find things about them to care about. Maybe something in the plot will change my mind, but right now it’s looking like Wild ARMs 2 is headed towards the bottom of my RPG rankings (one day I’ll actually make one…).

In addition, this game has so far been way too easy. If I follow the storyline, I have yet to find enemies that I cannot kill in one normal attack with at least one of my characters. That’s fine in the beginning of the game since you don’t have much health and you don’t always go first and you don’t have a pile of like 50+ heal berries, but later on it just seems so ridiculous. I mean, Lilka doesn’t even need to exploit elemental weaknesses most of the time. Boss battles are somewhat interesting but still mostly achievable by normal attacks + some healing. I think 10 hours in this really should have changed and is a much bigger negative than the lack of characters I care about, since that part is more subjective.

Anyway, I play this game while eating breakfast and it’s not really a chore to get through, so I still plan to beat it. I just hope (and believe) the original game is way better than this.



  1. Joseph said,

    I found the plot in the first WA to be quite a bit more enjoyable overall, and I definitely agree with you that the cast in 2 is lackluster. The difference for me was that I really enjoyed the first 20 or so hours of 2, but but really started to feel bored more towards the second half. I’m still trying to finish it myself, but the release of FFXHD has me completely enthralled for the moment. The only memorable thing so far in 2 for me has been the dungeon length and design. I like the short puzzle filled dungeons. Probably the only thing that gets me to go back to it

    • riulyn said,

      I hope you are having fun with FFX HD! Yeah, I’m not exactly enthusiastic about those first few hours, so I guess I won’t be looking forward to it later? The puzzles have been mostly fun without being frustrating (except for this one timed puzzle where you needed to place bombs in four different places as quick as possible and I swear it took me 20 minutes to finally do it right). It’s nice to see that the tools at least appear to be different than those in WA3.

      • Joseph said,

        FFXHD is like Christmas every time I turn it on. Music is remastered too which you would probably enjoy. It’s always been my fav FF game so this really is just too awesome. Yeah I wish I had better news but after the big plot twist in WA2 it pretty much doesn’t really go anywhere. Thankfully the tools, puzzles and dungeon length keep it snappy so it’s still fun. Oh and wait for this one puzzle that has you throwing daggers at these eight panels in a randomized order. Took me forever. And wait till you see the puzzles in the original WA, so brutal. I had to look up so many of them lol

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