March 26, 2014

Time to pimp some music again

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This blog has recently lacked discussion of JRPG music. Partly because I have been playing some games with rather average/forgettable soundtracks (let me not talk about Tales of Innocence again). Partly because I am so focused on playing games and learning Japanese (if they are Japanese games). Partly because I don’t really have a ton to say.

However, after starting up Ar tonelico 2, I remembered how much I enjoy listening to that soundtrack when doing image analysis at work. I don’t know how best to describe the mood of the soundtrack, but it’s very “up” – like moving and energetic and stuff. In a very melodious way, of course. Lots of singing, though. I personally love vocals in video game soundtracks.

Another melodic and awesome soundtrack is the one for Bravely Default. At some point when I actually finish the game, I will talk about my issues with the game, but music was definitely not one of the issues. The character battle themes (or the music that starts playing when a character does a special move) are great. I can’t decide which of the four is my favorite yet, even after 1000+ times of hearing each of them. (Not an exaggeration, by the way.)

Ar tonelico 1 also has a great soundtrack, though I don’t think it has as much singing in it as the later ones. The soundtrack also seems smaller than the later games? I haven’t really listened to the tracks outside of the game, though.

Of course I can never say enough times how much I love the Valkyria Chronicles soundtrack. Despite being relatively small for a decent-length JRPG (only some 50 tracks), I can’t think of a single throwaway track. A more thorough discussion of this soundtrack is probably somewhere else on this blog. Nevertheless I only recently played and beat the game, and I have to say a certain vocal track was 100x more impactful in the game. Otherwise the music can clearly stand on its own. It could also totally be inserted into Final Fantasy Tactics without too much issue, though the happy tracks would probably have to be omitted. Maybe because I don’t have as much fondness for Final Fantasy Tactics as I do for Valkyria Chronicles, but while the music in FF Tactics was good (and I’d probably like it more if I went back to listen to it), I just don’t think I can ever love it in the same way.


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  1. Joseph said,

    Really curious to hear your thoughts on bravely default, and somehow I still haven’t played valkyria to the end yet. Amazing game though

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