June 11, 2014

Drakengard 3 Branch D

Posted in video games tagged , , at 4:04 pm by riulyn

I’m going to make this as vague as I can, because it’s not worth spoiling. I finally got all the weapons yesterday and went through Branch D like whoa. It was 9 verses and it took me about 3-4 hours to get to the final verse.

Thanks to the Internet, the grinding required for me to get all the weapons wasn’t too bad. It’s hard to calculate exactly how long it was, but maybe 5-10 hours? I was pretty behind on chests and quests, after all, and I didn’t have a high quest completion rate, so this time can be significantly shortened. You have to do a lot of Accord’s quests for weapon completion, some of which are pretty tricky. The load times before the quest were sometimes just as long as the quest time limit, which was annoying if you kept failing like I did. Though I managed to get through my flashcard reviews while waiting for load times.

Was it worth it? I think it was. Branch D really does explain everything important (you don’t have to look up everything in the novels this time!) and also inserts some humor as well. The journey through the verses was definitely worth it for me. The final verse/battle is infamous and maybe not so worth beating. I have no regrets analyzing a successful YouTube video to help me beat it. There wasn’t really any extended ending after the battle though it does give the necessary wrap up.

Anyway, I feel like if you were spurred on to play beyond Branch A because you got invested in the story and/or characters, Branch D is worth playing through. If you are only doing it to be completionist, it’s probably mostly annoying. What would be even more annoying is to grind all the weapons to max level, though there are guides on the Internet for fast money.

In the end, I’m glad to be able to move on. While the DLC looks interesting (I’m totally a fan of Two), I’m still unemployed so I will be saving up my money for other games for now. The fact that the attack button in Drakengard 3 was the square button really made playing other action RPGs¬†difficult, so I will be able to go back to Tales of Hearts R and Magna Carta 2 soon. Also, I’ll be starting a Tales of Xillia Milla playthrough prior to Tales of Xillia 2’s release,¬†but first I will be distracted by Ar tonelico Qoga. We’ll see how far I get with that…