August 29, 2014

Vacation time + 3DS

Posted in life at 8:34 am by riulyn

TLDR I’m away from home for the next few weeks. I’ll have my 3DS with me but be playing DS games/game remakes. Even if I had money for 3DS games, there really aren’t as many RPGs on it as there should be.

So tomorrow I leave for Michigan and I’ll be gone from my apartment for 3 weeks. Or maybe longer if this magical job from the pharmaceutical industry actually comes through and I’m interviewing in Boston or San Diego. Obviously I’m not very optimistic about my chances as if I could have figured out how to get a job in that industry, I would have gotten one by now. I’m going to keep trying…for now. I got myself through all the paperwork for the video game localization testing job I applied to on a whim. Hopefully I get the chance to actually do something with that soon. It can’t hurt to have some money that I can use to justify my game purchases for the year (like Tales of Xillia 2 that just came in the mail yesterday).

I figured since the plan is to travel around with my family for at least half of the time, that it is probably not worth taking a bunch of portable gaming systems, so I’m taking just my 3DS. However, I’m bringing along SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS remake of Devil Survivor), Chrono Trigger, 7th Dragon, and maybe Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Story (so I can actually get a boyfriend this time haha). I know a few others have made posts about the 3DS’ lack of RPGs recently, but I seriously find myself not feeling like I’m missing much from my 3DS. Last year I had the RPGs Fire Emblem: Awakening, SMT IV, and Project X Zone. I missed out on SMT Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (a remake), EO IV, EO Millenium Girl (a remake), and Rune Factory IV. Really, the only major non-remake 3DS RPGs I am missing are Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Pokemon X/Y, and Conception II, the last one which I could get on Vita instead. But it’s not necessarily true that the 3DS in NA has no games. It’s just funny that the bigger releases for now are pretty much sims like Fantasy Life, Animal Crossing, etc. I’m still happy with my 3DS purchase but when my next big anticipated 3DS purchase is probably Xenoblade on 3DS (please let this be true), it’s kind of depressing actually. Like I’m still missing a ton more DS RPGs from my collection than 3DS RPGs, and the 3DS library is supposed to be growing still, right?

The reason I’m not taking the Vita is not because the Vita doesn’t have games but that I just don’t own that many games that I haven’t finished for the Vita. Of my current to finish list, I have a bunch of endings of Virtue’s Last Reward to do, but I kind of got tired of the main character and well, having to make choices I really didn’t want to make, just to get further in the general plot. I think it is a well-written game, but I can’t deal with Sigma a lot of the times. Everyone else is just way more interesting and asshole-ish in a more interesting way than Sigma. Junpei of 999 was a lot more easier to sympathize with for some reason. Actually I liked all of 999’s cast a lot more than VLR.

I’m actually at least 2/3 through Tales of Hearts R, but this is a game I care about understanding, so I rather not bring it on a trip if I don’t have good access to a Japanese dictionary and my flashcard decks. Finally, I still have the good ending to chase in Persona 4 Golden. I probably could spend all vacation figuring that one out, I suppose.

But in the end, I’m picking my 3DS because my 3DS+DS backlog is bigger than my Vita backlog. Plus the 3DS playing DS games has a decent battery life, so that will help for the road trips part (provided I’m not roped into being the directions lady, which is actually pretty likely). Who knows, I could also get a few street passes. I’m only missing a few states from my street pass map – Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Mississippi. Maybe can get a few of those when we go to Niagara Falls…



  1. Tara said,

    I agree with you that 999’s cast were a lot better than VLR’s. I actually prefer 999’s plot over VLR’s, too, since I loved all the Titanic references. VLR’s plot was mind-blowing for me, but I still think 999 the better one ^^

  2. XenosbioZ said,

    Pokemon X is amazing and so refreshing, you should definitely consider trying it out

  3. Joseph said,

    Good luck in your interviews:) any recommended D’S titles? Haven’t picked a 3DS yet but will eventually, mostly for bravely default. But since I’m stuck with the DS for now figured I’d ask. Enjoy the road!

    • riulyn said,

      My quick list would be Dragon Quest IX (since I know you are a fan of DQ), Radiant Historia, Suikoden Tierkreis, and The World Ends With You. I’m pretty sure you said you had Dragon Quest IX, though. Suikoden Tierkreis is decent RPG, though unfortunately a bit simple in mechanics and story. The World Ends With You is an interesting experience and you can whip through the main story pretty quickly if you are looking for something short and the number of collectibles and secrets in it can make it a lot longer (I have that to work on later). Radiant Historia I believed I gushed about a few months ago. The only reason why I’m not recommending Devil Survivor (besides a few issues with game difficulty unevenness) is that I enjoyed the the extra day in the ending path I chose in Devil Survivor Overclocked, so I think getting the 3DS version is worth it especially if you are already going for 3DS eventually. To be honest, I still have quite a few DS games to buy and play. I haven’t even touched the Luminous Arc series or the Etrian Odyssey series. There’s also a bunch of RPG remakes on DS, of course.

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