September 17, 2014

It’s all about Tokyo

Posted in video games tagged at 4:32 pm by riulyn

Just finished up SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, Naoya’s Path, and I have to say knowing more about Tokyo’s neighborhoods and the Yamanote Circle added to my appreciation of the game. Actually, it’s quite likely you’ll pick up something about Tokyo’s layout if you are a modern JRPG fan. SMT IV takes place in Tokyo, albeit demon-infested and burnt out. We had The World Ends With You take place in Shibuya, a neighborhood of Tokyo. Persona 5 appears to be based in Tokyo, if the promo video of the MC taking the train to Shibuya means he’ll be running around Tokyo. There’s also Akiba’s Trip, which maybe isn’t a RPG and is certainly not a good one according to reviews, and Akiba (short for Akihabara) is also in Tokyo.

Modern Tokyo is a fascinating place geographically, so I find nothing wrong with games taking place there. If an RPG made figuring out which trains/subways/buses to ride to get from one part of Tokyo to another, I’m sure a ton of us would be able to recite that by memory after a 50 hour RPG. I don’t suggest anyone make that game…yet.

Anyway, I’m too lazy to really write a review of SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, so I’ll just go with a short sentence. Interesting characters and choices, but uneven difficulty is annoying and kills momentum.

The other reason why I’m talking about Tokyo? Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is happening this week and with Sony’s press conference a few weeks ago (I have not caught up on the one they had recently), there is a lot of things people are hoping to see at TGS. I’m stoked about the news of Ys coming to PS4 & Vita, of course. There is a lot of PS4 & Vita stuff going around, which is good for me, a Vita owner, but maybe not so good for the PS4. Hopefully some sort of balance works out. Maybe the Japanese game developers will welcome non-Japanese dollars which will certainly prefer the PS4 versions over Vita versions, while I think the Vita versions will probably do better than PS4 versions of most games in Japan, unless the PS4 situation has changed in Japan. I’m very curious on whether Ys on PS4 will look as good as it deserves to. Ys on PS4 could be a decent hit in the U.S. if the graphics are good, but the Vita graphics of Ys Celceta weren’t that great if you spent time actually looking at them. The smooth gameplay was amazing, though, so if I had to make a choice, smooth gameplay it is.

So yeah, if only I could actually be running around Tokyo right now…