October 21, 2014

Let me talk game music again

Posted in music tagged , , at 11:11 am by riulyn

I wish I could come here and pimp a soundtrack, but I haven’t bought a soundtrack since Rhapsodia/Suikoden Tactics in March. I haven’t really heard too much in-game music that makes me really want to grab a soundtrack either, though here are a few I might consider for the future.

1) Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. I don’t really know the best way to describe the soundtrack. Everything just seems fitting for the mood of the game. There’s a good amount of electric guitar and synthesized instruments to sound modern Tokyo, but tends more towards rock and avoids being as pop-ish as Persona 3/4 or The World Ends With You. I don’t really own another game soundtrack with as many wailing guitars, so it would work pretty well in my collection I think.

2) Suikogaiden I. So far I have encountered some lovely remixes of Suikoden 2 music. I especially enjoy the Muse music. A full soundtrack would probably be more up my alley than the Asian or Celtic remixes, though one day I may get those too…

3) Ys Origin. I think it is a solid effort. However, I do find myself comparing it to Ys I and II music and preferring that instead. I’m early enough in the game that it has plenty of time to still impress me.

The other games I have been playing recently have not made a big impression on me. It doesn’t help that I play 7th Dragon on the bus a lot, so I don’t usually have its music on. Still, it really goes for a retro vibe and to be honest, I’m not that into early 90s video game music. I hear plenty enough of Frontier Gate’s music due to the repetitive nature of the game and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a soundtrack out for that one anyway. Finally, I have not been impressed with the music from Tales of Hearts R or Tales of Xillia 2. I think it’s pretty obvious for anyone who has followed my blog that I really only like a few Tales soundtracks and the rest I like only some tracks of.


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